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  Improved performance for your organization. Enhanced career prospects for you.

Leonardo BPM Training will assist you to develop all of the required capabilities for effective process-based management. We offer 7 world class courses in our comprehensive BPM Training curriculum, delivered by experienced consultant practitioners who understand the local environment.

  BPTrends Associates Foundation Courses

Our considerable success in the field of BPM education in Australia and New Zealand meant that we had options to present just about any BPM training program on offer around the world. Without hesitation, we chose to partner with BPTrends Associates. The BPTrends Associates programs includes the following courses:

BPTrends Associates BPM Professional Certificate

  BPTA 101: Principles of Business Process Management
  BPTA 102: Introduction to Business Process Modelling Analysis & Design

BPTrends Associates BPM Advanced Certificate 

  BPTA 201: Innovating Processes
  BPTA 202: Managing a Business Process Project

BPTrends Associates BPM Business Architecture Certificate

  BPTA 101: Principles of Business Process Management
  BPTA 303 - Business Architecture: A Process Centric Approach

Watch Redesigning the process-centric organization video   Watch The Process Session Series

  Leonardo Consulting BPM Courses

Build additional expertise by registering for Leonardo Consulting's Measuring Processes. These courses can be taken without having completed the BPTrends program. They deal with particular issues in the ‘process of process’ allowing you to match the needs of individuals and teams.

  Measuring Processes
  Reimaging Management - The 7Enablers of BPM

  Process Modelling Excellence