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Providing expertise to execute your integration needs

Building APIs that drive your business strategy

However simple the API appears, it masks the underlying complexity of what’s needed to make it work. Creating an interface in your ESB doesn’t mean you’ve created an API that is easily consumable.

Leonardo’s long history of delivering integration means that the API lifecycle and associated technologies are things that we understand intimately. Whether it’s a client-facing API gateway, or MBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) interfaces for mobile applications, we understand how to design and build robust, secure, and highly performing APIs

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APIs that matter for your stakeholders

Leonardo’s expertise extends throughout the API lifecycle, incorporating design, build, deployment, and management of the APIs that connect your organisation to your ecosystem.

Using technologies like Red Hat’s 3scale, or the Amazon API Gateway, we have worked with our clients to provide secure, externally facing APIs, and internal-facing APIs that provide modern interfaces to legacy systems. 

Leonardo’s experience is helping our clients to develop APIs that are usable (and reusable) across a range of different use cases, often in ways that were not predicted  

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Discovery Workshop

At Leonardo, we prefer to demonstrate the value we can create in partnership with our clients rather than submitting one-size-fits-all proposal documents. Working with organisations hand-in-glove, we add value by addressing business context and capability gaps, as well as providing a practical path forward to meet your  objectives.
Our Discovery Workshop is a roundtable session discussing the connection between BPM, Automation and Integration that illustrates our thinking, approach and supporting technologies. The objective is to create value for stakeholders in the session through provocative discussion that provides the opportunity to explore answers to longstanding organisational challenges and address the inevitable change taking place in your business. 
Leonardo can then make recommendations for your next steps in your BPM / Automation / Integration Journey.

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