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What is Robotic Process Automation

RPA is an autonomous digital workforce, independent of human interaction to help your employees work faster.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to create software robots to automate manual business processes. The computer software ‘robot’ is configured to perform tasks using existing systems for transactional processing, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with any digital application - just like your current workers.

RPA is different from conventional systemic automation. Your bots execute the processes and interact with the applications as a human would, effectively replicating the actions of employees. Additionally, these robots can learn as well as cloned to scale to the volume of tasks required.

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As the RPA tools evolve in consistency, credibility and applicability, more organisations will be quick to adapt to the emerging technology.

Implementing RPA at Your Organisation

Leonardo helps organisations jumpstart their journey toward orchestrating work between humans, teams, systems and robots. This begins by enabling the business to implement a flexible decision hub that applies real-time AI with every interaction. Using business process management to orchestrate teams and system, robotic process automation to remove repetitive tasks and free up your employees, and workflow solutions to manage the end-to-end delivery to your customers - Leonardo enables your organisation go beyond simple automation to change the way you work.

Read 'RPA's place in Process Improvement'

Leonardo's RPA services and solutions

  • Conduct Automation Readiness Assessments
  • Development of end-to-end of Enterprise Automation Roadmaps
  • Define RPA governance frameworks
  • Automation tool assessment, selection and deployment
  • Selling business benefits of RPA through bespoke business case development

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Benefits of implementing RPA at your business

  • Flexibility to scale your robot workforce on demand.
  • Automation on any application and on any process.
  • Improved business agility and speed to market to meet changing needs
  • Decrease your operational cost, increase organisational task efficiencies
  • Orchestrate the customer journey by integrating customer channels, business data, and enterprise applications

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What tasks can RPA perform?

Below are some examples of the simple manual tasks RPA can undertake at your organisation. Utilising Articifical Intelligence / Machine Learning improvements, more complex tasks are achieveable using cognitive automation technogies to build on RPA's potential. 

Banking and Financial Industries 

  • Data migration between banking applications
  • Customer relationship and account management,
  • Mortgage comparison surveys
  • Financial claims cases 
  • Loan data reconciliation

Technology / Software

  • Testing for hardware and software applications load and performance


  • Collating customer data from CRM systems 
  • Competitor pricing analysis


  • Automation of logistics data
  • data monitoring
  • Product pricing comparisons


  • Populating forms, 
  • Multilayered verification processes


  • Patient data  processing, 
  • Billing and  payments processing
  • Insurance claims processes
  • Health record storage


  • Data extraction shopping carts / websites
  • Inventory updating and reconciliation 
  • Updating sales list
  • Shipping and invoicing completion



RPA’s Impact on Process Improvement

Process improvement aims for faster, cheaper, less risky, higher quality, and compliant ways to deliver process outcomes. RPA aims to be the enabler of such process objectives by reducing human involvement. Given that not all processes are created equal, RPA benefits from focused implementation instead of a general Band-Aid to existing process problems.

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