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For nearly two decades, Leonardo has worked with leading enterprises across world developing BPM capabilities. We believe in Business Process Management defined to encompass all that is required to sustainably deliver value to external customers and stakeholders. Leonardo services deliver comprehensive support across the entire business lifecycle.

  Leonardo BPM Services 

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Leonardo provides all of the services required to support the journey to high levels of BPM maturity including:

  • Education: Extensive training curriculum in all aspects of BPM
  • Coaching: Bridging the gap between classroom and workplace
  • Consulting: Servicing all organizational levels – from the board room to the lunch room – to assist in all aspects of process management and improvement
  • Mentoring: Specific advice and guidance in relation to the 7 Enablers of BPM: process architecture, measurement, governance, change, capability, mindset, and support.

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  Leonardo BPM Projects

 These clients originate from many sectors, including mining and resources, utilities, manufacturing, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, education, communications, and government, to deliver successful BPM projects in areas such as:

  • Developing BPM capabilities
  • Improving business process performance
  • Modeling architectures and processes
  • Developing BPM practitioners
  • Enhancing BPM maturity
  • Creating process effort
  • Establishing process governance
  • Creating process culture
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  How We Can Help Your Business

Let us show you how BPM can help your organisation deliver value to its customers and stakeholders. Leonardo has offices in New York and Australia, as well as a global thought-leader network. 

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