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Why Business Process Management is critical

  Digitisation of business and increasing customer expectations has led to a fast-paced, hyper-connected market which makes operational processes increasingly critical. True organisational agility that allows organisations to respond to this market comes from a deep understanding of the processes that deliver value to your stakeholders.

The importance of processes

  BPM involves the identification of an organisation’s business processes, alignment of those processes with organisational strategy and continuous improvement that considers both the customer, regulatory and IT requirements.

  Processes are fundamental to how an organisation realises its strategic intent. They are the way your business generates revenue, delivers value, meets it’s targets, achieves it's objectives and delights it's customers.

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Trying to innovate and be faster in complex environments

  Organisations operate in an increasingly complex environment of rapidly changing market demands, increasing regulatory requirements and an ever-changing technology landscape. Business processes must be designed to deliver on an organisation’s strategy, comply with all relevant laws and regulations while still operating effectively and efficiently to deliver a great customer experience

The blame game and change initiatives cycle of death

  Immature or non-existing process management results in expensive change initiatives, failed technology implementations, a culture of silos and shifting blame for

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Process-led Business Change

  Well managed business processes lead to the ongoing improvement of how business is done, alongside enablIng innovative opportunities to be implemented and provide full transparency over how the business is performing. Everyone understands their contribution to delivering the organisation’s strategy and is encouraged to raise and implement improvement ideas. Innovation and disruptive changes are seen as opportunities rather than threats.

  Enabling business process management through technology further provides opportunities to reduce the cost of process change and enable real-time monitoring of process performance.

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Leonardo’s BPM Services

  Leonardo is Australia’s leading business process management consulting firm. We help organisations establish and mature BPM capabilities and demonstrate rapid improvements to their business.

  Our products and services include:

  • Business process management maturity assessment
  • Establishing an Office of BPM
  • BPM training
  • BPM tools
  • Building a business process architecture
  • Running a business process improvement project
  • Establishing process governance & measurement
  • Process modelling excellence training & establishment

BPM Tools and Technology


  Leonardo has extensive knowledge of a variety of BPM tools/technologies and can help our clients with the assessment, selection, installation and implementation of a suitable BPM platform. An outside partner like Leonardo provides expertise in assessing your current technical landscape and identifying, designing and implementing business process improvement technologies / support.

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