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What is Process Modelling for automation?

One of the key reasons that business process automation initiatives fail is that the business will model several hundred as-is and to-be processes, and then “throw them over the fence” to a team of process automation specialists, who ask, “What do I do with these?”

The process modelled by or in conjunction with the business subject matter experts is a business view of the process. So even though a BPMN model can be executed, the business, or logical, view of the process, isn’t necessarily the best executable model.

Process Modelling for Automation is about taking the business view of the process and optimising it for execution in workflows and automation platforms.

Optimise your process for execution

Leonardo’s approach to developing an executable process is to have the business modeller and technical modeller work together to optimise the model. (e.g. the business view of the process will usually have a role to denote each swim lane).

When the task is being modelled for execution, the system involved is often more important than the role. As BPMN 2.0 is a recognised standard, the target BPM server may have valuable features that go beyond the standard, and may be unfamiliar to a business-oriented modeller.

Reap better returns on your automation

Leonardo works collaboratively with the business-oriented modeller to look for ways to improve the process using technology.

For example, a business-oriented on-boarding process model might have a task in which a Service Desk person is emailed with the details of a new user account to be created. We might enhance the process to replace that human task, by instead sending a “Create New User” message to an API, so that the user account is created automatically and without human intervention.

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How we help you with Process Modeling for Automation

Our approach to optimising the executable process, in essence creating the “To Be v2” process model, means our clients reap better returns from the business process improvement initiatives. In particular, our deep experience and expertise in integration allow us to identify more opportunities to replace human tasks with fully automated tasks.

The outcomes include faster cycle times, reduced lead times, fewer bottlenecks, and fewer errors and less re-work.

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Process Automation Technologies

For 20 years we have worked with many of the region’s leading enterprises to enhance the performance of their BPM effort alongside implementing solutions that automate their end-to-end business processes. Leonardo has partnered with the leading technologies in the automation space - Pega and Red Hat.

Leonardo helps in assessing your current technical landscape and identifying, designing and implementing automation platforms to power your processes and create the workflows to drive high value customer experiences.

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