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What is Business Architecture?

  Just as you would use an architectural approach to build a house or renovate, a Business Architecture is a structured, model-driven approach to building and managing an organisation.

  It provides an enterprise-wide understanding of the ways in which business strategy and value streams are translated into operation, integrating organisational, process and information elements. The Business Architecture does not define the strategy, it enables the realisation of the strategic objectives.

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What an Effective Business Architecture Enables 

  Many businesses become reactive overtime - responding to market trends, putting out spot-fires and constantly treading water. An effective Business Architecture enables proactivity - challenge convention, disrupt the market and seek better ways of doing things.

Moving from reactive to proactive

  A solid business architecture that assures the avoidance of redundancy, maximizes the sharing of capabilities and makes the best use of supporting resources, is essential. With a sound architectural foundation, business-wide transformation, digitisation and continuous improvement can be accomplished. Without, the next change you make risks bring the roof crashing in on your head!

Hope is not a strategy

Time, cost and quality concerns have become more important than ever in the modern economic environment.

 Digital disruption, workforce decentralisation and technological developments can challenge the most well-established business.

 Understanding the current business operation and identifying a target future state is important for success - but hope is not a strategy. It is the planning, execution and adaptation that turn a goal into reality.



Aligning Capabilities, Processes and Technologies

 Business Architecture brings clarity to the strategic roadmap. It can clearly show how the organisation delivers outcomes to its clients, how the structure enables the optimal process, and how efficiencies can drive savings or new opportunities.

 It doesn’t mean that jobs are lost or progress stops - it provides a framework and approach to get the most value out of the rarest commodity - time. And in doing so, it unlocks opportunities to improve.

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The Benefits of a Business Architecture Approach

  Employing a Business Architecture approach allows an organisation to rapidly innovate without destroying itself or value along the way. It’s a practical, hands-on way of working that adapts to each business' needs and life-cycle stage. Such a logical, pragmatic and focussed framework delivers tangible value quickly.

Where planning pays off

  The benefits are widespread, including improved speed to market; improved quality of delivery; reduction in duplication, waste and effort; enablement of fact-based decision making; rapid response to legislative, market or environment changes; proactive pursuit of strategic goals; and the evolution of the business to an empowered operating model.



How We Can Help

Leonardo’s expert team of Business Architects can help evaluate and identify an optimal operating model for your business, aligning capabilities, processes, technologies and resources to deliver your strategic objectives.

Partnering with your team, we can help build awareness and knowledge over time to ensure an Architectural approach is sustainable, appropriate to the operating climate, and can be maintained to maximise ongoing efficiency.


Business Architecture Services


  • Unpacking and validating strategy

  • Determining the Strategic Intent

  • Operating Models (Current and Target)

  • Business Architecture Roadmap definition


  • Capability modelling and maturity assessment

  • Value chain/stream mapping for strategic design and architecture

  • Translation of strategy to operating models to operations design and processes

  • Business services modelling and design


  • Alignment of portfolios of initiatives (agile and traditional) to capabilities and operations

  • Value driver mapping and alignment with value streams and transformation portfolios

  • Benefits analysis of initiatives linked to capability and process architectures

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