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What is Business Architecture?

Business architecture is a structured, model-driven approach to building an enterprise-wide understanding of the ways in which business strategy and value streams are translated into operation, integrating organisational, process and information elements.

A solid business architecture that assures the avoidance of redundancy, maximizes the sharing of capabilities and makes the best use of supporting resources, is essential. With a sound architectural foundation, business-wide transformation, digitisation and continuous improvement can be accomplished.

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Transformation without a plan

Business leaders such as CIO, CXOs and middle managers face major challenges in today's market. These include 'going digital'; implementing a ‘customer experience’ program; planning a major new business technology platform; wanting to beef up innovation, or reducing total cost of ownership. They are trying to define and interconnect strategy, policy, information, processes, capabilities, technical and human resources and other elements is essential.

They know what must be done, but are looking for ways to increase the probability of success. They are fully aware that there are more failure examples than success stories.

Without a solid Business Architecture, there will certainly be sub-optimization, redundancy and inconsistency across business operations with increasing difficulty to implement change.

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How Business Architecture can help

Designing and managing a valid business architecture is a real business game-plan to win or differentiate, transform, and execute. This requires designing the right business solutions that provide the greatest return on investment to the business, avoiding duplication of function and effort and developing capabilities once for multiple uses across the processes of the organisation. 

Business architecture helps enable clarity on business strategic intent, business capabilities, end to end business processes, the information tracing across the business, technology resources, and human competencies is essential to make required changes without risk in the change itself. 

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Business Architecture services:

Leonardo's expert team of Business Architects can help formulate a renewed operating model for your business. Architecting and integrating all aspects of business processes, capabilities, technologies and human capital into a holistic approach we will help you to realise your strategic intent. A well-formed Business Architecture can help untangle the confusion and deliver inherently adaptable solutions which ultimately drives better business agility. 

Leonardo's services include:

  • Business Architecture Roadmap definition
  • Capability modelling
  • Translation of operating models to operations design and processes
  • Value chain/stream mapping for strategic design and architecture
  • Business services modelling and design
  • Alignment of portfolios of initiatives (agile and traditional) to capabilities and operations
  • Value driver mapping and alignment with value streams and transformation portfolios
  • Benefits analysis of initiatives linked to capability and process architectures.
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