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You Can’t Manage What you Can’t Measure

  Data is central to everything a business does - from customer and supplier information to internal IP, market information and strategic planning. With the right approach and structure, this overwhelming mass of information becomes a gold mine. 

  From data security, privacy, analytics, automated reporting, quality control, audit requirements and strategic enterprise management, data management is one of the hottest topics in modern business.

  Understanding, accessing and protecting your data is key. If you can’t measure what you’re attempting to manage, and can’t accurately and efficiently access the right information, then you’re fumbling in the dark and operating at a significant competitive disadvantage.



Data - from confusing to constructive:

  Never before has understanding your data and the potential and power it carries, been so important. Yet in many organisations data is not viewed as an asset - is not well understood and therefore not leveraged successfully.

  Organisations frequently face a raft of data-related challenges including:

  • Definitions of data and consistency of application

  • Process/System/Data alignment and visibility

  • Change impacts and data controls

  • Quality, security, ownership and audit

  • Storage, architecture, utilisation

  With clarity, consistency and control, data can become your greatest asset and transform into a cost-saving strategic tool that provides a unique value proposition for customers.


Harnessing data to drive the right outcomes

  Leonardo applies a pragmatic and intelligent approach to helping your organisation understand and optimise data management. Regardless of industry, scale, budget and infrastructure, we can help maximise your return on your current data, improve data management and support critical data initiatives.

  Partnering with some of the best data science minds in the industry helps us to tailor solutions to each organisation’s specific needs - including detailed data analytics and highly specialised technical consultations.


Leonardo’s Data Management Consulting and Services

  Where do you begin with managing your data to achieve the outcomes of the business? Leonardo’s extensive experience and data management consulting capabilities include:

  • Architectural reviews, roadmap development and strategic advice

  • Data analysis, governance, quality management and requirement analysis and solutions

  • Data security, user management, translation and integration controls and effective audit management

  • Enterprise-wide data architecture and analytics to inform best practice operations, including process- and automation-related opportunities.


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