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What is Customer Experience Management?

  With ever-increasing competitiveness on the global marketplace, organisations must find better ways to attract and critically retain customers.

Every interaction between an organisation and its customer counts.

  Well managed interactions become critical differentiators whilst poor experiences can quickly lead to loss of customers or worse, public fallouts on social media. The goal of customer experience management is to increase customer loyalty and advocacy and to reduce customer churn.


If we can truly understand our customers thinking, wants and needs and how they act and behave, then we have a far greater chance of being able to identify a service or product that will meet or exceed their expectations and make a determination what customers we want to work with.

Understanding the customer in the time of omnichannel

  Business must know their customer’s needs, journeys and expectations to design good experiences. This is especially critical if products and services are offered across various channels, creating the requirement for a consistent multi-channel experience.

Consolidating your customer profile in once place

  A single view of the customer, i.e. consolidation of data from a variety of sources, is necessary to better understand the customer and personalise their experiences. Common challenges are an inconsistent brand experience, depending on channel, often caused by legacy technology and processes. Departmental silos and fragmented data further exacerbate the problem.


How Leonardo can help you improve Customer Experience Management

  Leonardo’s expertise in customer experience management can help organisations:

  • Identify and map customer journeys (incl. pain points, opportunities, touchpoints with internal processes)
  • Integrate customer journeys into the business architecture

  • Capture customer requirements and design customer-centric processes

  • Provide business architecture software with CXM capability


Business Benefits of Improving your Customer Experience

  The tangible business value of good customer experience management is:

  • Increased revenue due to incremental sales to existing customers

  • Increased revenue due to existing customers referring to the organisation ('word of mouth’)

  • Improved bottom line through increased customer retention

  • Improved brand recognition and sentiment

  • Reduced cost of goods sold due to improved brand recognition and sentiment.


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