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Our Story

Enabling Continous Process Improvement Through Technology.


Leonardo Values

We Believe, Inspire, Deliver, Support, Partner, Change, Build

We believe that business processes are at the core of an ecosystem comprised of people, business rules, services, information, technology and applications. Organisations deliver value to customers and other stakeholders via business processes. There is no other way.

We inspire our customers and motivate them to think di­fferently, to reflect on their current operations, to look at alternative solutions, to consider a process oriented viewpoint and to have high ambitions.

We deliver Business Process Management (BPM), Automation and Integration systems that enable our clients to achieve their organisation goals. Our knowledgeable advice, training and solutions for process-centric management builds customer capability to enhance and sustain organisational performance.

We support a diverse customer group. Our customers are public and private sector organisations across Australia and overseas. We work in all industries. Whether Fortune 100 companies or small to medium enterprises, they trust our capabilities..



Leonardo Creates

We partner with our customers and associates to:

  • educate, coach, support and inspire people
  • devise, develop, explain and maintain process, automation and integration architectures
  • analyse, model, improve and automate processes
  • create, nurture, lead and sustain process-centric full business integration
  • design, develop, innovate and implement robust integration across our clients' system platforms, applications databases and legacy apps

We change the way our customer organisations think about themselves and how they deliver value to their customers and other stakeholders. Beyond redesign, we assist our customers to achieve continous and sustained change.

We build infrastructure, enthusiasm and capability in and with our customers, allowing them to continue e­ffective process-centric management with confidence and competence, and without the need for external support.

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