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 A little about Leonardo (A UST Company)

Leonardo is a consulting and technology firm enabling end-to-end intelligence process improvement.

 Since 1999, Leonardo Consulting has empowered businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East with over 80 passionate experts. We combine 20+ years of expertise in Business Design, Process Management, Automation, Data Integration, and Platform Engineering to deliver impactful results. 

 Our focus: Bridging the gap between strategy and execution. We help you:

  • Align operations with strategy: Turn strategic vision into actionable processes for a more efficient business.
  • Drive data-driven decisions: Foster a culture of agility and informed decision-making.
  • Automate for efficiency: Implement intelligent automation for end-to-end processes, streamlining operations.
  • Deliver value-driven solutions: Develop APIs, systems, and platforms that empower stakeholders.

 With UST as our partner, our transformation strategy goes beyond expert guidance. UST brings industry-leading technology, a proven track record of successful digital transformations, and a global network for seamless execution, regardless of location. 


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 Leonardo's Story

1999 MARCH - Leonardo founded in Brisbane with BPM consulting team established

2003JULY - Leonardo passes 10 employees and opens office in Sydney

2005 FEBRUARY -  Leonardo opens office in Melbourne

2008 OCTOBER - Leonardo passes 20 employees

2009 JUNE  - Leonardo signs partnership with Software AG

 2011 MAY - Leonardo opens office in Perth and  delivers the first project into the Middle East

2013 APRIL- First client in Northern America - Leonardo opens office in Connecticut. 

2014 JULY - Leonardo Delivery startup launched

2016 FEBRUARY  - Leonardo signs partnership with Red Hat and passes 40 employees

2017 JUNE - Leonardo opens office in Byron Bay

2017 DECEMBER - Leonardo passes 70 employees

2019 OCTOBER -  Leonardo wins 2019 Red Hat APAC Innovation Partner Award & Solution Partner 

2019 DECEMBER -  Leonardo wins Red Hat Global Hackathon, and Leonardo signs partnership with UiPath

2021 DECEMBER -  Leonardo signs partnership with Workato 

2022 AUGUST -  Leonardo passes 80 employees 

2022 MARCH -  Leonardo wins 2023 Workato APAC Partner Innovation Award

2024 FEBRUARY– UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, acquired Leonardo, empowering it to expand its market reach and enhance its client service offerings.

Leonardo's Culture Code

We Believe, Inspire, Deliver, Support, Partner, Change, Build


1. We Aim High

The Leonardo has assembled an acknowledged team of thought & industry leaders in business design, process management, architecture, automation, integration and platform. We continue to strive to be at the forefront of technical and management trends that help drive value for customers.

2. Trusted, Authentic, Humble

Our customers and partners depend on us to provide them with high quality, informed and reliable assistance with strategic, operational, technical and project issues.

We respect and respond to the trust they place in us.

We are professional. Professionalism means handling your business, clients and colleagues with respect and humility. It doesn’t mean making others feel inferior. It doesn’t mean buttoning down your personality. It doesn’t mean speaking like a robot that excludes others.

3. Produce Amazing Outcomes

Leonardo team members are among fellow awesome people!. The Leonardo team join our business to continue full and successful professional lives; they have genuine and significant personal experience and expertise.

4. Play as a Team

Our commitment to our team, our customers and our partners extend beyond the boundaries of daily business to the encouragement and support of activities that sustain and inspire ourselves and others. Serve and be served by others. We share our delights with our broader team beyond the code you cut, the models you make or the workshops you lead at Leonardo.

5. We Affect Change

Change is a natural part of human life, and we prefer to embrace it. The work we deliver affects change – it addresses strategic and operational challenges, increases internal capability, transforms the way business connect with their customers.

As much as we, and (our customers) resist change, it’s also how we grow and improve. It’s a sign of a healthy company. It’s why our team has a mix of new and seasoned people. With new blood comes new thinking – and so we continue the ongoing experiment that is Leonardo.

6. Honest Feedback

Our duty is to deal honestly with ourselves and others in delivering tangible, benefits to both our customers and our shareholders.

We prefer to talk openly in the right context regardless of titles and say things the way they are. Not being honest by avoiding arguments and difficult conversations kill companies and careers.

7. Think Like The Client

Our future is built on our commitment to study the challenges and problems that concern our customers. Through our experience, expertise and a better understanding of the client, we can deliver targeted outcomes that assist those customers in both the short and long term.

8. We Teach Customers How to Fish

Leonardo values the experience of delivering outstanding customer outcomes. This often means leaving behind enhanced customer capability in the areas where we have worked. We aim to transfer capability and expertise to the customer so they are enabled. We don’t sell customers fish - we teach them to get the fish for themselves.

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The Leonardo Code

  1. We will avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest

  2. We will respect and protect customer, business partner and colleague confidentiality

  3. We encourage and respect different ideas

  4. We will be outcome-driven in all aspects of our business

  5. We will insist that all customer deliverables are be reviewed by an experienced colleague before release

  6. We will work hard to build and sustain a healthy, inclusive and diverse team culture

  7. We will continue to learn and to assist others to do so as well

  8. We will not accept work unless we know we have the appropriate experience and expertise to deliver excellent results

  9. We will transfer capability to customer team whenever we can

  10. We will be honest, humble, fair, tolerant and trusting

  11. We will encourage innovation in the development and delivery of customer services

  12. We will acknowledge examples of exemplar work by the Leonardo team

  13. We will acknowledge team members who demonstrate consistent excellent performance

  14. We will recruit quality-conscious, qualified and determined people that are smart, honest and hungry to succeed

  15. We will invest in the development of our people

  16. We will have a Professional Development Plan for each employee

  17. We will conduct project reviews before during and after projects as appropriate

  18. We will continuously improve our own processes

  19. We will act at all times to develop and protect our reputation We will recruit quality-conscious, qualified and motivated people

  20. We will create and nurture a quality mindset in all team members

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