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What is Process Mining?

  Process Mining is a game-changing approach to managing business processes - the analysis of core transactional data from your systems to discover, understand, analyse and improve your processes.

Dig and you’ll find gold

  Forget a team of people sitting in a room for days at a time white-boarding the ‘As Is’ model - Process Mining can take your analysts directly to the Actual process as experienced by employees and customers. Process tasks, workflows, exceptions, cycle time, cost, resources, rework and animated models can be automatically discovered from the data - enabling your business to focus efforts on the fixing the issues, not finding them.



Rapid discovery and analysis

  From customer satisfaction to supply chain logistics; cycle time reductions to improved cash collection; improved employee experience to reduced spoilage and waste - Process Mining can shed new light on any process and empower individuals to make a difference.

Too hard and too expensive to find the problems

  Improvement initiatives are often deferred or ignored - it takes time, resources and money to define, understand and measure a problem to propose a solution and proper business case. Workarounds creep in, innovation becomes stifled, and businesses ultimately spend far more to fix the problem when it finally becomes untenable.

Resolve process inefficiencies in days not weeks…

  Empowering staff and teams to see, analyse and resolve process inefficiencies or performance issues improves outcomes for customers, dramatically increases employee engagement and can result in significant cost reductions for the business.



AI-Driven Process Improvement

  Using existing data within a process to reverse-engineer the actual operation of that process provides a rapid reality check - regardless of design or intent, this is exactly how the process works in the real world. It is an accelerated ‘As-Is’ analysis and provides an immediate baseline to work from to re-architect the process - eliminating work, automating work where it can’t be eliminated or optimising processing when it can’t be automated.

Let the technology to the discovery, analysis and prediction

  Additional features like conformance checking, AI-enabled predictive modelling and live data dashboarding can empower a whole new world of performance for businesses. Complex processes can be distilled into simple graphical dashboards showing key health metrics, business architecture can rely on accurate information, and real-time monitoring and automation cues can actively influence a customer outcome in a live transaction.

  All this is done by deploying technology to do the heavy lifting - relying on SME knowledge and experience to interpret the answers and connect the remaining dots.



Leonardo & Apromore

  Apromore is a leading provider of open-source solutions for process mining and AI-driven business process improvement. Intelligent recommendations powered by machine learning and AI are a springboard to help driven rapid enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives.  

  Leonardo’s expert process mining consultants help clients assess the applicability and benefits of process mining on selected core business processes while providing data-rich process performance information to the business to enable informed decisions.


Mining: We rock (data!)

  With our extensive end to end intelligent process improvement and our process mining capabilities, Leonardo is enabling rapid digital transformation across Australia. Partnering with clients to build internal capabilities to deliver and sustain change, we can discover, analyse, improve and support transformational change in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

  You know where your process data is. We know how to unlock it’s true potential.

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Process Mining consulting and services

Process Mining Demo

Demonstrations of the technology and discipline to understand how it would help your business

Proof of Value

Proof of Value projects to quickly build awareness and identify opportunities across target processes


Discovery projects to uncover, document and analyse those ‘murky’ cross-functional processes no one quite understands fully

Compliance Check

Check compliance and produce auditable artefacts to meet regulatory, legislative and corporate requirements

Process Mining Capability Uplift

Build capability within your business through collaborative work and training to enable ongoing discovery, improvement and sustainability.

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