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What is Process Mining?

As businesses undergo increasing digital transformation, an innovative data-driven approach to organisational improvement — process mining — is being adopted by organisations around the world. 

All businesses have processes, from payroll to patient admissions. Often, the larger the organisation, the more unwieldy its processes can become. Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline that marries business and IT perspectives with the ultimate goal of improving organisational performance.

A recent offshoot within this field is process mining, an approach that focuses on harnessing the transactional data that flows through an organisation to map out how the organisation operates.




Complexity creep is becoming critical

Business processes can become so complex that they aren’t even properly understood by those working within the organisation. People in large institutions in particular — from governments and universities through to hospitals and banks – can struggle to fully understand how their end-to-end processes actually operate. 

Increasingly complexity creeps into business silos creating out-dated work instructions, process deviations and inefficiencies, manual workarounds, and disparate business applications. This results in bottlenecks, overheads, redundant human effort and poor customer experience.

While many business initiatives aim to address these issues - they are often using arbitrary, out-data data and observations to do so. 


The benefits of using Process Mining

Process mining uses digital ‘event logs’ from IT systems commonly used within an organisation – such as an ERP or CRM system to identify problem areas or bottlenecks that may be slowing procedures down. 

Specialised software is used to visually map a process, which is reverse-engineered from the data, to identify potential issues. 

By using data rather than perceptions gained from interviews and workshops, process mining shifts the way of thinking from “confidence-based” to “evidence-based” business process management. 

Less time is spent documenting the process and more time spent solving identified problems. Intelligent recommendations powered by machine learning and AI are a springboard to help driven rapid enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives.  



Our Process Mining consultancy and technical services: 

Leonardo's team of process mining consultants can help you:

  • Establish short & sharp proof-of-value projects, aimed at raising internal awareness for process mining;
  • Implement process mining technologies  -  whether you simply want to start mining your own processes, or build an entire process mining function (a Center of Excellence) within your organization.
  • Enable automated process discovery projects including analysis  of the performance of business processes, identification of problems (loops, bottlenecks) and process redesign

  • Undertake compliance checking which includes ensuring compliance with legislation and company policies, identification of violations and correction of cases

  • Lead positive variant analysis which identifies the organisational units that have the best performance and plan how to replicate these across the organisation

  • Capacity-transfer projects, where we helped our businesses internal process mining capabilities, so they can “fish for themselves”.


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