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  Integration Architecture

An Integration Architecture is a a technology blueprint that guides the implementation and integration of multiple system, applications and platforms to enhance scalability while achieving agility without complexity.
Leonardo knows how to design an integration architecture in which the right tools and design principles are selected according to the nature of the problem. We work with our clients to help ensure that they don’t over engineer and spend too much, or ensure that they avoid spending enough and fail to deliver a sufficiently robust discussion.

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  Integration Platform

Integration is now much more than just an ESB. That’s why we call it integration platform instead of just integration software. Once upon a time we installed an ESB on bare metal in our own datacentre. Now we have the option of deploying multiple instances of a lightweight ESB in Docker containers in the cloud.
Leonardo has brought together knowledge of integration, DevOps, CI/CD, containers, and cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Azure to design thoroughly modern, scalable, resilient, and secure integration platforms that can address every imaginable use case.

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  Integration Delivery

Once you have a defined Integration Architecture and a resilient, scalable, and secure Integration Platform, it’s time to put it to use. Whether it’s building guaranteed delivery transactions or lightweight microservices, Leonardo’s experience covers the entire gamut of delivering integration solutions.

Leonardo’s integration delivery experience is as broad as it is deep. Our core competency in lightweight Java-based enterprise service bus technologies like Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Software AG’s WebMethods is complemented by our use, API gateways like Red Hat 3Scale, microservices using Red Hat Openshift, process orchestration technologies like Pega and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, and a number of Robotic Process Automation technologies.

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  Integration Tools and Technologies  

Leonardo is a certified partner for Red Hat and SoftwareAG maintaining growing team professionals with expertise in these leading technologies. Over the last 2 years, Leonardo has delivered many integration projects across Australian industry sectors including Higher Education, Retail, Utilities and Telecommunications. We can objectively assess your current technical landscape, and identify, design and implement integration platforms that connect your legacy systems while driving desired scalability and digital enablement. 

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