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Integration & API

Integration & API  is the connection of different software applications, services, application programming interfaces (APIs), data and devices to automate business processes and deliver timely, accurate information to users and customers.

Achieving this technically requires engineering that interconnects these systems & applications to facilitate the rapid exchange of business information.



Disconnected apps & siloed business systems

Stuck With Legacy Integration Platforms & Operating Models

  Modern organisations are trying to achieve agility that drives real digital business. However many are unable to innovate as they want.

  They are stuck in with old legacy systems and platforms that stifle their ability to drive better improvements for their business and experiences for their customers/stakeholders.

   IT leaders are increasingly challenged to maintain a skilled team that can facilitate the increasing demand for data that flows throughout the enterprise.


Flexible, scalable cloud-first connectivity

  Business wants to build cost-effective, flexible, robust and modern integrations between their independent systems that enable a single coherent view of data across the organisation. 

  To get to this end state - Leonardo can help your business:

  1. Analyse and provide a integration strategy  for migrating legacy to the strategic iPaaS  platform like Workato, webMethods.io

  2. Architect, plan and develop a roadmap for decomposing monolithic application into microservice architecture

  3. Design best practice and fit-for-purpose integration solution that minimising the complexity while maximising the maintainability.

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Integration Tools and Technologies

  Leonardo is a certified partner for Red Hat, Workato  and SoftwareAG maintaining growing team professionals with expertise in these leading technologies. Over the last 25 years, Leonardo has delivered many integration projects across Australian industry sectors including Higher Education, Retail, Utilities and Telecommunications.

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ANZ's Leading Integration & API Experts

  Leonardo is one of Australian’s premier Integration firms.

  Our skilled team have deep expertise in a variety of Integration practices and technologies that have shaped the Australian market for over 24 years.

  We can assess your current technical landscape, and identify, design and implement integration platforms that connect your legacy systems while driving desired scalability and flexibility. Our most popular = integration services are:

  1. Perform Integration Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Discovery

  2. Establish Integration Platform

  3. Implement Integration Solution


Integration & API Services

Perform Technical Solution

Review to provide an objective assessment of a business application and actionable recommendation to mitigate issues and risks

Perform Integration Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Discovery

  1. Construct Integration Landscape

  2. Construct Integration Capability Map 

  3. Perform Integration Maturity Assessment 

  4. Propose Integration Strategy

  5. Technology Selection. 

Establish Integration Platform

  1. Integration / API Architecture: Architect the platform, infrastructure, and cloud - and design the deployment

  2. Integration / API Platform Implementation. Design and deploy the integration platform.

Implement Integration Solution

  1. Integration Solution Design and Development. Design, Build, and Unit Testing the integration solution

  2. Develop Integration Solution CI/CD Automation. Architect and Deploy CI/CD platform. Design and build automated integration testing and CI/CD pipeline.

Establish and perform Integration Governance

  1. Establish Integration Governance Body. Create a process and charter to govern the design, development, and operation of the integration solution.

  2. Operate the IGB, Integration Governance as-a-service.

Provide Integration Advisory

  1. Provide ad-hoc advisory on integration strategy, architecture, platform, and governance

  2. Provide open-source integration technology advisory

  3. Provide architecture design for modernising legacy monolithic applications.

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Integration Technology Partners

Amazing companies that Leonardo has helped with integration and API:


Treasury Wine Estates




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