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 The Leonardo Team

Leonardo is a team of professionals who are passionate about solving our customers problems and delivering valuable outcomes. 

We prioritise creating value in the organisations we work with. We like to actively create and develop new ideas and promote innovative thinking. Our clients are national and international companies and governments. Our projects are complex, interesting and sometimes international.

Are you looking to step up to the next level in your career?

Are you looking for innovate with the most current technology, theory and practice in Business Design, Process Automation, Data Integration or Platform Engineering?

Are you a developer looking to join the largest Red Hat team in Australia?

Are you seeking a change into AI driven process improvement?

Are you an architect looking to join our expanding UiPath team?

Success at Leonardo is based on your ability to adaptively work in a team as well as recognise and respond to the needs of our clients. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are a major part of our success. We expect top performance for our customers and know that we must also invest in our employees.

Our Culture Code

We are looking for passionate people who would like to contribute to our company culture. The Leonardo Culture Code is an overview of what we do that is different, our shared working values and the ‘Leonardo Code’ that we maintain when working with our customers, partners and coworkers.

Read Leonardo's Culture Code

Our wide selection of clients across all industry sectors ensures that a career at Leonardo will never be boring and will cover all areas of process management.

This is why your personal and professional development is important to Leonardo. Each employee can improve their earnings according to their professional development and performance based on clear targets, which are planned and celebrated together.


Please briefly outline your key skills and relevant experience and why you would like to work for Leonardo Consulting, how you heard about us, and what qualities you have that would be of value to our clients and to our team.

We are always interested in exceptional people. Take the opportunity to contact us now!

Open Positions

Read our Vision and Values Statement

Leonardo offers a great team environment with a dynamic group of people from around the world. Current and relevant knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our success. We place a high priority on your ongoing professional development.

Read our  Purpose & Values Statements