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Business Process Architecture

We help organisations operationalise business strategy  -  creating structure from chaos to achieve business objectives


  Our approach to Business Process Architecture

Cross-functional business processes are the only way any organisation can deliver value to customers and external stakeholders. More than just a picture or a model, the process architecture is a daily aid to strategic and operational management for continuous improvement and delivery of sustainable customer service excellence.


Through a series of workshops and discovery sessions, Leonardo helps clients create a viable business process architecture by:

  1. Identifying and understanding the organisation’s strategic intent
  2. Discovering the organisation’s value proposition(s)
  3. Naming and mapping the highest level (level 0) core processes
  4. Decomposing the level 0 core processes to level 1
  5. Decomposing the level 1 processes to level 2 business processes and so on
  6. Documenting and decomposing the shared management and support processes


   Business Process Architecture services

  • Discovery and documentation of the process architecture
  • Definition of the key performance measures for processes in the architecture
  • Development of governance arrangements for ongoing process management
  • Mapping of process architecture to strategic objectives
  • Mapping of process architecture to organisational functions
  • Process architecture health check to assess status and development activities.



  Why Business Process Architecture can help your enterprise:

  • Choose wisely: every organisation has many processes; where is the best return-on-effort in process analysis and improvement?
  • Get real: translate the highly-crafted words of the mission and vision statements into the practical reality of how those promises are delivered.
  • Focus on value: develop and maintain a process architecture to constantly focus the whole organisation on value delivery.
  • Create powerful conversations: asking “who are our customers and what value do they get from us?” forces profound discussions.
  • Get moving: focus everyone on value delivery by defining, measuring, reporting and discussing process performance.
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