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World-class people, tools and tested methods

We are committed to providing our customers with value-added services supported by world class people, tools and tested methods. Our affiliated partners share this commitment and provide specialist support that enables us to deliver successful projects.

Software AG
Red Hat
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Leonardo Partner Details

Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage, and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. Leonardo is a certified Red Hat consulting partner, maintaining a growing team of Red Hat Certified Professionals. Our team provides comprehensive experience and support of the Red Hat Portfolio of technologies including Red Hat Fuse, Red Hat Process Automation Manager,  Red Hat Decision Manager, Red Hat Openshift, Red Hat Ansible, Red Hat Container Development Kit. 

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Software AG

Software AG is the global leader in Business Process Excellence. Our more than 40 years of innovation include the invention of the first high-performance transactional database, Adabas; the first business process analysis platform, ARIS; and the first B2B server and SOA-based integration platform. Leonardo is an established parter of SoftwareAG in Australia and our team is a leader in supporting Software AG’s ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform,  ARIS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Platform and WebMethods MashZone, Model-to-Execute, Command Central,  Universal Messaging, ActiveTransfer, Adapaters, AgileApps, API Gateway, API Portal,  BPMS,  Business Rules, CloudStreams, Designer Workstation, DevOps and Enterprise Gateway.

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Pegasystems Inc. is a leader in software that streamlines business and enhances customer engagements. With more than 30 years of proven innovation, Pega seamlessly connects organizations with their customers across multiple channels in real time using market-leading CRM, advanced artificial intelligence, and powerful automation. Leonardo supports the Pega 7 Platform which enables our clients build BPM, Case Management, Real-Time Decisioning, and CRM applications.

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Entando is the lightest open source, enterprise ready Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for UX convergence. Entando in fact unifies user experience across different applications, people, devices while reducing technical complexity, time-to-market and project development costs. Leonardo is a certified Entando partner and use the Digital Experience Platform to develop modern UI/UX layers on top of existing applications and build new generation applications aligned to UI/UX standards across different industries / use cases.  

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Other Leonardo Partners

ES Consulting

ES Consulting is a management, information and communication technology consulting firm based in Saudi Arabia. Their capabilities and expertise are applied to the development of contemporary best practice management, change and innovation. ES Consulting is Leonardo’s long-standing and valued partner in all of our work in the Arab States


BTEC Software + Consulting AG is a business process and IT management specialist. They offer seamless coverage of the entire value added chain for these areas, providing GBTEC customers and partners with unique added value. Their BPM suite, BIC Platform, involves all employees, thus making change possible.

Q3 Edge

Q3edge Consulting Private Limited is based in India and comprises of experienced professionals who have varied and extensive experience in areas of Process Consultancy, Software Development Consultancy, Testing Consultancy and Training.


Trisotech enables Leonardo Consulting to foster an innovative, collaborative approach for the subject matter experts at its clients. Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite is a modelling environment that helps Leonardo design, model and execute its customers’ business processes & business rules.


Apromore is an open-source business process analytics platform combining state-of-the-art process mining capabilities with advanced functionality for managing process model collections. Leonardo is assisting the Apromore team in developing the platform strategy and implementing it through an agile methodology, and by providing industry-strength development power to improve the platform.


HiveHub is the world's first software mapping platform.  It is designed to allow anyone to understand complex software environments.  Breaking down barriers to understanding software architecture that have held businesses back for decades.  Leonardo is a certified Hive partner who is able to provide a range of software mapping services to customers.  From surveying massive software landscapes to building software maps/styles to help in decision making.

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