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What is Business Process Modelling for Management?

Process models are catalysts to organizational improvement. Only valuable models created from a clearly defined process architecture and designed according to a consistent hierarchy allow you to maximize your return on investment in modelling efforts. Visualisation of your business process by modelling help organisations communicate, understand and reach consensus on their unique business story to enable more informed business decisions. They also prepare your enterprise for future automation and integration efforts.

Why do organisations model their processes?

  1. To document: describing how a process is meant to work enables consistency, quality and standardisation
  2. To understand: understanding the detail of how a process works gives insight into what works well and what might be able to work better
  3. To improve: discovering ways in which the process might work better is enabled by modelling and testing the possible changes
  4. To automate: using the process models as input to automation / execution applications and platforms that improve operational efficiencies as well as drive ongoing business digitisation

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Our approach to Business Process Modeling

Leonardo helps organisations move from static, disconnected process documentation to dynamic, flexible views by realising process modelling benefit. Process modelling is a powerful capability to support the achievement of defined business goals.

Leonardo's Process Modelling Excellence program can help you implement a process modelling program that promotes:

  • modelling technique
  • better governance
  • process mindset and communication
  • increased efficiency

For organisations in need of modelling framework, our experts will delivery nine proven practice methods to create valuable models used across the organization.

For businesses who have embedded modelling expertise, our program can deliver an important audit to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits from your modelling efforts. All Leonardo Consultants are familiar with a variety of business process modelling notations, such as Value Chains, Event Driven Process Chains, Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN 2.0), and skills in a variety of common toolsets, from basic drawing tools such as Visio to at least one of the more complex, repository based tools such as ARIS, Signavio, BIC or the like.

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How Business Process Modeling can help your organisation

Properly designed and managed process models are crucial; for process analysis and improvement, change control, cross-functional usability, process performance management as well as setting the foundation for automation and integration into systems and platforms. Organizations that implement our modelling frameworks and resources will:

  • Understand the purpose of modelling for your organisation (communication and improvement)
  • Define the scope of your modelling efforts (where to start and where to stop)
  • Establish the level of detail required to model your processes (how deep do you model your process)
  • Determine if the model is actually useful (is your modelling fit for it's actual purpose)
  • Design and implement models that are consistent - (model conventions)
  • Create models that are reusable (recycle your process models)
  • Modelling within a business process architecture (where do your process models live?)
  • Create a lifecycle for each process model (what governs your process modeling?)
  • Implement a Model Quality Framework (ensuring consistency across your process modeling)
  • Sell benefits of modelling efforts organisation wide (how do your market and socialise your modeling to the enterprise?)

These simple steps helps organisations create valuable models that enable better process based decisions for your business. Our team will accelerate internal modelling capability implementing these proven robust techniques, resources and out-of-the-box templates.

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Business Process Modeling tools we support

  • Software AG's ARIS
  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite
  • Pega 7 Platform
  • Signavio
  • Qualiware

Find out more about tool support for your business Leonardo and the ARIS Tool

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