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ARIS Consulting

20 Years Experience in Delivering ARIS solutions for our clients


Our ARIS Expertise

Leonardo Consulting sold and implemented the first major ARIS solution in Australia. Since 1999 we have been leading a proven and reliable approach to ARIS administration, outsourcing, support, coaching and training. We have worked across Australasia, South East Asia and South America supporting ARIS clients large and small.



ARIS Services and Solutions

ARIS Health Check
  • ARIS Health Check allows you to evaluate your current ARIS environment maturity. The Healthcheck  will provide an in-depth diagnosis on your ARIS environment to fully utilise its capabilities and align it to your organisational objectives.
ARIS Administration Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing your ARIS administration to Leonardo’s team of expert ARIS consultants allows your business to focus on value-adding activities rather than administrative tasks. The outsourcing tasks include ongoing tracking and monitoring, monthly SLA reporting, workload evaluations and implementing continuous improvements 
ARIS as-a-Service
  • Administering an ARIS environment is complex especially when managing the turnover of staff and loss of skills. Leonardo can deliver the ARIS platform to you as a managed service either on-premise or cloud. Our totally configurable service allows you to bundle components (ARIS Hosting, ARIS Administration, ARIS Collaboration, ARIS Execution, ARIS Training) to drive better analytics and decision making, and give you peace of mind that your ARIS investment is optimally utilised and available 24/7
ARIS Customised Reporting & Scripting
  • A powerful part of ARIS is the ability to customise the conventions to suit the business requirements by changing the method, filters and templates. ARIS provides a set of standard reports, but these are configured to the typical ARIS configuration with SoftwareAG formatting and branding. We can help organisations generate their own custom ARIS reports based on an ARIS JavaScript derivative. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that the user-defined reports and scripts grow with the organisations ARIS environment,  to make certain it's needs are continually met as the conventions are updated and enterprise needs evolve.
ARIS Training and Coaching
  • We offer all training related to the ARIS Platform on request. Our courses offer a practical, hands-on approach focused on improving your understanding of the ARIS software used in your organisation. In this training not only will we show you how to operate the tool but also important concepts around the effective application of it for your project. All our training courses will be delivered by our ARIS gurus who will provide you with additional tips & tricks to make the most of the tool in your organisations circumstances.

ARIS conventions and standards set up

  • We help you discover, define and improve the standards that guide your modelling efforts, and turn those into high quality, maintainable configurations for your critical ARIS repositories. Our experienced architects use their deep knowledge of the ARIS metamodel and their insights into modelling practices to produce conventions that provide structure where it’s most needed.

ARIS centre of excellence implementations

  • We help you establish a fully functioning ARIS Centre of Excellence to drive your process management and business architecture efforts. Our consulting team can take you from business case through to technical implementation, providing full support along the way to build not just a functioning repository, but a fully empowered team capable of managing and analysing critical process information.

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Benefits of Leonardo's ARIS Consulting 

We understand how the ARIS Platform works in an integrated environment whether you are running or implementing Oracle, SAP or other solutions, we can show you how to save time and money and reduce risk.
If you want the most experienced and knowledgeable team in Australia, ask us how we can make the ARIS Platform work for you and your requirements.

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