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  Public Sector Process Improvement

A large public sector organisation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was reviewing its business process and the way it conducted process analysis and improvement projects. We were invited to deliver an education program on process redesign for a group of 20 engineering, IT, management and administration staff.

  Supply Chain in Australian Government Agency

A small Australian government agency tasked with critical supply chain management in the health sector engaged Leonardo to assist the executive team in the development of a business process architecture and related process-centric management approaches. Training for a wider staff group was also provided to strengthen capabilities for ongoing analysis, improvement and management of business processes.

  Process Maturity at an Australian Government Regulator

An Australian Government industry regulator engaged us to perform a baseline BPM Management Maturity assessment and to develop a detailed roadmap to further process maturity development in line with their strategic goals and objectives. Subsequent audits showed positive progress against the original plan and factual evidence of the value of the process approach.

  Enhancing Australian Public Sector Process Improvement 

The objective of this project was to enhance a public sector delivery agency’s ability to provide process improvement and process management from internal resources. Following extensive training in the BPTrends Associates process improvement approach, a Process Improvement Project Manual was developed to standardise such activity based on global best practice. Completion of proof-of-concept projects delivered immediate process improvements and provided a platform for capability development and skills transfer. 


Our Government Sector Customers

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Department of Defence
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Ispwich City Council
 Municipality of Abu Dhabi City
Brisbane City Council
Department of the Environment
Department of Families Housing Community Services Indigenous Affairs
National Blood Authority
NSW Department of Commerce
QLD Department Justice Attorney General
Queensland Government
Saudi Food & Drug Authority
Transport NSW
The Perth Mint