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Engineering Processes for the Digital Age

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   Rebuilding Process For The Digital Age

Leonardo’s delivery approach offers a connected view of the enterprise to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems.

This method enables your strategy to be executed and your processes effectively managed, automated and integrated into the systems/platforms that interface with your customers.

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Our End-To-End Approach


Business Improvement

Strategic, Architectural, BPM-Process

Business Improvement blends strategic planning, architectural design, and Business Process Management (BPM) to create a comprehensive roadmap for your organisation. This dual-focus approach balances customer and business experience, ensuring a resilient and agile enterprise strategy.


Process Automation

Intelligent, human-centred automation

Improve operational efficiency to drive down costs and reduce end-to-end process cycle time. The automation of business processes provides opportunities for redesigning processes to cater for increasing stakeholder expectations and service.


Integration & API

Integration-led Enterprise Automation

Build flexible, scaleable, integrations between independent applications, systems and data that enable a single coherent view of value across the organisation.


Platform Engineering

A resilient, automated and secure landscape

Scale on-demand computing while minimising cost. Create an independent platform (cloud/hybrid)  that supports best practice modern architecture, such as microservices, event-driven, serverless, while still supporting the traditional application workload.

Outcomes we deliver


Improved Resilient Business

Better process-driven business models

Create revenue resilience, reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and compliance, eliminate problems and embrace your customers.


Better Business Efficiency

Smarter, engaged, customer experiences

Intelligently architected process automation using RPA, IPA or hyperautomation to kickstart or scale up your automation effort. 


Connected, Scaleable Enterprise

Timely data, accurate business information

A blueprint from the enterprise, solution, and design perspective that guides the right design, governance and delivery structures to enable cost-effective integration implementation and better API / ESB connectivity platforms.


Scaled To Fit Platform

Flexible, cloud-based containerisation

Digital platforms and agile, scalable applications that enable breakthrough customer experiences - leveraging the latest in innovative technologies.

  Our Partners

We provide our customers with value-added services supported by world class people, tools and tested methods.

Our affiliated partners share this commitment and provide specialist support that enables us to deliver successful projects.

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  Case Studies

The best gauge of success is our client’s results. Learn more about the projects Leonardo has been delivering for enterprises locally and globally over the past 25 years. 



Reduce process inefficiencies by implementing BPM foundations alongside process governance / measurements.


Process Optimization, Standardization and Improvement for FIFO Travel & Accommodation 


Driving improvements global supply planning improvements through process & system redesign


Create process architecture, process performance measures, & mechanisms for ongoing process management for 19 hospitals.

  Who is Leonardo?

  Leonardo is a process transformation company, driving intelligent end-to-end process improvement for our clients for 25 years.

 We help our clients rebuild their processes for the digital age by combining process-centric strategic thinking with the rigour and precision of enabling technologies that support their transformation.

  Leonardo helps our customers ensure the their business strategies are embedded, automated and integrated into the systems and platforms that drive better experiences with customers and stakeholders.

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  Don't take our word for it!

Find out how Leonardo has delivered outcomes for hundreds of companies—from ASX 200 leaders and government departments, to growing small to medium businesses.

Leonardo's Red Hat and Azure integration expertise has been transformative for Viva Energy, ensuring seamless business operations and future readiness. Their tailored approach and proactive issue management have significantly enhanced our IT infrastructure's efficiency and scalability.

Trond Abelseth

Head of Digital

Leonardo's collaboration has revolutionised our student onboarding, seamlessly integrating our systems and driving unparalleled efficiency and user experience. Their teamed approach and cutting-edge technology enablement have been key to our successful digital transformation journey.

Judy Cooper

Global Head of Apps

Leonardo's enablement of the right tech platforms  have transformed our data capture system, making it more scalable, agile, and cost-effective. Their strategic approach has not only improved our operational efficiency but also opened new avenues for outsourcing opportunities.

Mark Sealy

Head of Technology

Leonardo's process mining expertise revolutionised our production planning, leading to a 30% reduction in cycle time and a significant increase in on-time delivery rates. Their insights and analytics have been instrumental in enhancing our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Lisa Koina

GM Strategy & Projects

  Our Story

We're a growing team of professionals who are passionate about solving problems and creating valuable outcomes in the organisations that we serve.


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