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Cloud-first and cloud-native

  The advent of cloud computing and rapid commercial growth has forever altered the landscape of computing infrastructure. With technological advancement in commodity hardware and the increasing speed and spread of the Internet, cloud computing has become the poster-child of disruption and the enabler for the digital business.

  Cloud computing infrastructure offers transparent and consumption-based costing, available on-demand without substantial up-front cost, modern and interoperable API interfaces, and abundant online learning materials. This foundational advantage started a paradigm shift for the industry.



Migration toward cloud-first

  The shift toward the cloud is gaining even more momentum in recent years riding the wave of adoption behind the popularity of CNCF-endorsed Kubernetes-based containerisation platforms. The migration toward cloud-first and cloud-native containerised platform is inevitable.

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How Leonardo can help

  Leonardo’s Platform Engineers can help you

  1. Survey legacy applications and provide a strategy and roadmap for migrating application workload from as-is infrastructure to the target container platform

  2. Set up a self-service platform governing the process for multi-team and multi-projects organisation

  3. Perform proof-of-technology to assist in platform selection.

  4. Build and customise repeatable deployment of container platform for multi-cloud and multi-regional deployment.

  5. Provide managed platform service, including support requests to configure, deploy, upgrade as well as monitoring the cost, usage, and the performance of Leonardo-hosted or BYO Kubernetes-based container platform.


The Outcomes

Perform Platform Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Discovery

  1. Construct platform architecture which provides the design for infrastructure, network, security, and application workload view of the platform.

  2. Perform Kubernetes-based managed and bespoke platform selection

Assess, design, and migration

  1. Assess, design, and migrate the none-containerised applications from the physical or virtual environment to the containerised platform


  1. Implement containerised platform on-cloud or on-premise

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