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What is DevOps & CI/CD?

  Across every industry, digital businesses are increasingly defined by those who make great software. As a result, software development teams are transforming their software operations to optimise for efficiency, quality, and reliability.

Why does DevOps and CICD matter for modern business?

  Continuous Integration (CI) is to automate building and testing software every time a developer pushes code to the repository. Continuous Deployment (CD) is to automate the deployment to a functional environment.

  Still, the automation is not sufficient to maximise the agility needed for digital business. DevOps - a structured and consistent software development lifecycle across the organisation - embeds the advantage of CI/CD, the DevOps practice, ensures the software to be developed and deployed rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly within your organisation’s context.


Getting faster to market through DevOps

  Enterprises want to deliver their products/services faster and more consistently by both adopting a modern DevOps practice and to automate their CI/CD pipeline. However, changing this culture is traditionally difficult. Legacy software deployment takes a long time - the processes are highly manual and prone to error.

  Businesses want to transform their software factories into an automated pipeline for CI/CD process, such as automated test suite and deployment.

How Our DevOps / CICD Gurus Can Help

  Leonardo’s experienced team can help you kick start DevOps and CICD ways of working at your enterprise. Whether it’s analysing your as-is DevOps practice to provide suggested areas of improvement plus tangible next actions or examining your current application and software development lifecycle to establish DevOps best practices, CI/CD technologies, and implementation of the CI/CD pipeline.

  Our DevOps / CICD advisors and consultants can help:

  1. Perform Platform Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Discovery

    1. This includes a Platform and DevOps Maturity Assessment which provides the assessment of the organisation’s maturity in supporting and operating the Platform

    2. Design DevOps lifecycle and CI/CD foundation for the required application workloads

    3. Assess, design, and migrate the none-containerised applications from the physical or virtual environment to the containerised platform

  2. Help plan, prioritise, design and develop CI/CD your pipeline



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