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Platform Engineering

A platform enables the engineering of applications through a community of participants and contributors in an organised manner.

The right platform supercharges innovation by democratising all necessary "supporting infrastructure" to create, trial, and fail in a safe environment; that embeds security, quality and performance through automation; and provides tools to support a polyglot development interface.

DevOps doesn’t happen overnight

  The organisation wants to adopt modern DevOps practice and to automate their CI/CD pipeline. This means to enable their developers to innovate through trial-and-error in a secure and safe environment.

  However, their infrastructure does not support the deployment of modern architecture paradigms. Additionally, the license cost of supporting development environments for concurrent projects are prohibitive.




Platform shift is real

  Business are migrating to cost-efficient but also highly scalable container platforms. These are built and customised for the repeatable deployment of container platform for multi-cloud and multi-regional deployment.

  These support legacy applications so a roadmap can be created that provides a strategy for migrating application workload from as-is infrastructure to the target container platform.

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A scalable, automated platform

  Such platforms support software deployment that is automated with an automated pipeline for CI/CD process, such as automated test suite and deployment.

  These can be internally owned or an externally managed service that includes support requests to configure, deploy, upgrade as well as monitoring the cost, usage, and the performance of Leonardo-hosted or BYO Kubernetes-based container platform.

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Leonardo’s team of platform engineers

  Leonardo engineers world-class digital platforms and agile, scalable applications that enable breakthrough customer experiences - leveraging the latest in innovative technologies.


Platform Engineering Services

Perform Platform Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Discovery

  1. Construct platform architecture which provides the design for infrastructure, network, security, and application workload view of the platform.
  2. Perform Platform and DevOps Maturity Assessment which provides the assessment of the organisation’s maturity in supporting and operating the Platform.
  3. Propose Platform Strategy which provides a recommendation for the organisation to fund and operate their platform team.
  4. Perform Kubernetes-based managed and bespoke platform selection
  5. Design DevOps lifecycle and CI/CD foundation for the required application workloads

Assess, design, and migrate

  1. Assess, design, and migrate the none-containerised applications from the physical or virtual environment to the containerised platform

Containerised Platform Enablement

  1. Perform OpenShift platform version upgrade
  2. Implement containerised platform on-cloud or on-premise

Platform Enablement & Support

  1. Design and develop CI/CD pipeline
  2. Provide managed platform service, including deploy, upgrade, and support Leonardo-hosted or BYO container platform.
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