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Architect. Automate. Integrate.

Leonardo’s delivery approach offers a connected view of the enterprise to drive the relationships between your strategy, processes and systems.

This method enables your strategy to be executed and your processes effectively managed, automated and integrated into the systems/platforms that interface with your customers.

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Master your business process.
Transform your organisation

True organisational agility comes from a deep understanding of the processes that deliver value to your stakeholders. Leonardo's BPM expertise helps you align your strategy with your processes, intelligently automate these processes and set the foundation to deploy integration. 

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automation.svgAutomate to accelerate.

Automate your processes to stay ahead of business / IT changes and delight your customers. Free up the brain power of your workforce to focus on what really matters to drive your business forward. 

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integration-1.svgOvercome complexity, integrate for growth!

Simplify the complexity of business by building bridges between your legacy data + platforms, and orchestrating your systems to scale for future innovation. Align business and IT, break out of vendor lock in, lower your IT costs and become a more responsive enterprise to deliver on your organisational strategy.

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Who We Are

For close to two decades Leonardo Consulting has been a trusted advisor to our customers, delivering Business Process Management, Automation and Integration consulting and technology solutions that meet the business challenges and opportunities of our clients. Leonardo has offices Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and  Perth as well as an extensive worldwide network comprising of the leading practitioners and vendors in business process management, automation and integration related fields.

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