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Business Improvement

For Leonardo, Business Improvement is a way of thinking using human-centred, process-centric and technology inspired approaches to innovate organisations.

It applies sound principles and practices of design to help organisations to either create new value and new forms of competitive advantage  - or to transform and improve their business and value chains to align with the constantly changing environment around them. 


Disconnected strategy from process

It’s hard to get visibility of the business

  Leaders rarely have visibility across the full picture - how departments interact, how customers experience the products and services of the business, where waste and inflated costs arise - or what to do about them.

  It's harder to make accurate decisions about business with no visibility into your process performance, data and system architecture

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Process-driven opportunity to innovate

  Business leaders want to  shine a light on the overlooked parts of a business and provide an opportunity to reset and improve. They position the business to innovate and ‘see’ other opportunities to contextual challenges.

  Leaders want  to speed up  process discovery and get to a real-time view of process performance / change over time

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Enhanced visibility of process for better decisions

  Leonardo helps businesses  unlock their processes and build a roadmap using a blend of frameworks, tools and insight to understanding and delivering value to the customer and the business.

The Value of Business Improvement

  Reviewing, optimising and evolving your core  process will help to reduce your costs, increase efficiency and compliance, and embrace your customers.

We do this by:

  1. Achieve a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of your business process for rapid decision making and automation opportunities
  2. Enabled real-time monitoring of your business performance by harnessing your process, data and AI
  3. Increased process efficiencies help reduce your costs, increase your output and compliance, eliminate problems and delight your customers.



How Leonardo can help you with Business Design

  From understanding your business strategy & goals, operations and challenges to analysing, validating and realising opportunities that your customers will love, our vastly experienced team and capabilities can partner with you to unlock the future.

  Our expertise covers process analysis and improvement, data and process mining, maturity assessments, modelling and strategic prioritisation activities. Along the way, we build skills, capabilities and awareness in your business to influence cultural change and empower your teams to drive the business forward over the longer term.

Business Design Technology Partners SoftwareAG Consulting Services 


Business Design Services & Capability

Business Design & Strategy

  • Strategy Translation and Modelling
  • Business model design & monetisation opportunities
  • Customer Experience Integration
  • Capability, Service & Process Design
  • Program & Portfolio Definition/Analysis

Business Design Technologies 


  • Business process management maturity assessment
  • Establishing an Office of BPM
  • BPM training
  • BPM tools
  • Building a business process architecture

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Business Architecture

  • Business Architecture Roadmap definition
  • Capability modeling and maturity assessment
  • Value chain/stream mapping for strategic design and architecture
  • Translation of strategy to operating models to operations design and processes

Business Architecture Services 

Data Management

  • Architectural reviews, roadmap development
  • Data analysis, governance, quality management
  • Data security and integration controls
  • Enterprise-wide data architecture and analytics 

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Process Mining

  • Proof of Value projects
  • Process / Data Mining Discovery projects
  • AI-Driven Audit of process compliance 

Process Mining Services 

Process Design

  • Implement Leonardo's Process Modelling Excellence Framework
  • Process modelling support
  • Implement process modelling tools  (Set up of ARIS, BIC tooling )
  • Process Design Health Checks
  • Review/audit existing process modelling setup 

Process Design 

Process Architecture

  • Discovery and documentation of the process architecture
  • Development of governance for ongoing process management
  • Mapping of process architecture to strategic/operational objectives
  • Process architecture health check

Process Architecture Services 

Process Improvement

  • Perform a Process Improvement Assessment
  • Implement a BPM Centre of Excellence / Office of BPM
  • Lead BPM Maturity Assessment (BPMM Assess)
  • Lead Process Improvement Workshops
  • Process Improvement Sprint Projects -Rapid Action Framework (RAF) by Leonardo

Process Improvement Services 


  • Audit risks with current high impact processes and other master data
  • Implementing a GRC tool (ARCM, BIC GRC)
  • Running PoC / PoV for a BPM and GRC Management
  • Establish broader GRC solution organisation-wide

BPM Technologies

For 20 years we have worked with many of the region’s leading enterprises to enhance the performance of their BPM effort alongside implementing solutions that automate their end-to-end business processes.

Leonardo has partnered with the leading technologies in the business process management space - Software AG, Apromore, UiPath, Pega, Red Hat, Signavio and GBtec.

Learn more about BPM Technologies

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