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The Case for Continuous Process Improvement

  Every organisation creates, accumulates, and delivers value by collaboration across the organisation chart. Resources are managed vertically using the organisation chart. Create and delivery of value occurs horizontally across the organisation. Business Process Management (BPM), refocuses management on how value is delivered to customers and other stakeholders.

  Process Improvement as an essential cornerstone of BPM is aiming at optimising processes, i.e. focussing at the horizontal flow of activities across the organisation (see above) to improve these flows.


Why Improve?

  Organisations must always search for new ways to deliver better customer experience, seize market opportunities, increase efficiency and productivity, enhance resource usage, improve quality and consistency and rapidly adapt to change.

  Leonardo helps organisations drive continuous process improvement that enables businesses to achieve their goals.



Our Approach to Process Improvement

  We will help your organisation design process improvement strategies with your business objectives in focus. Developing a mindset of continuous process improvement will drive:

  • Overall improved productivity, efficiency and utilisation

  • Increased business agility and responsiveness to adapt to market changes

  • Reduced operational budget by effective utilisation of assets and resources

  • Improved customer experience

  • Reduced risk exposure by considering risks and controls within process flows

Leonardo’s approach focuses on understanding your business context and requirements that impact organisational processes.

Operationalising Process Improvement 

Process Improvement Frameworks

Leonardo can support in two ways regarding process improvement. We can support with improving the overall BPM setup, i.e. to set the scene for ongoing process improvement

Or Leonardo can run specific process improvement workshops, utilising the Leonardo Rapid Action Framework:

  • Rapid Action Framework (RAF) by Leonardo

Leonardo also supports the following frameworks and standards:

  • Continuous Improvement (CI)

  • Lean and Six Sigma (DMAIC)

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • BPTrends Process Redesign

  • The NESTT Rapid Process Redesign by QUT

Process Improvement Services

Perform a Process Improvement Assessment 

  • to identify opportunities at a service delivery level and create PI Operations Manual related training artefacts

Implement a BPM Centre of Excellence 

  • To nurtures facilitate and track process improvement projects

Lead BPM Maturity Assessment

  •  (BPMM Assess) delivering both an analysis of organisational BPM maturity plus a development roadmap that highlights iitiatives required to reach desired maturity levels.


Facilitate BPM Training and Coaching 

  • To develop the process-centric organisation, honing individual and team process management capabilities

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