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  You Can Bank on Process

We have completed many assignments over the last decade for one of Australia’s leading banks. When the bank commenced a review of its business processes, the ARIS platform and services from Leonardo were the foundation for this work. Our staff managed the BPM Group in its early days. Later assignments included implementation of the IFW Banking Reference Model, development of data modelling standards, development of information and application architecture, process improvement project support and management consultation on SAP implementation and process centric strategies. . 

  Improving the Process of Banking

As a part of an organisation-wide initiative to deliver future banking technologies and processes, Leonardo provided process modelling support to a project team at one of Australia’s largest banks. We worked on the design of the modelling standards and implemented release cycle management for process models. We also conducted process modelling training for over 100 modellers, and developed a transition plan to transfer process modelling training capability.   

  The ABC of Process

An Australian insurance company asked us to complete an assignment to improve process efficiency, especially in back-office operations. We designed and implemented an Activity Based Costing project using the ARIS toolset. The project successfully highlighted how costs were actually incurred at detailed allowing informed business process redesign.

Our Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector Customers

Merrill Lynch