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Process Automation

Process Automation is the technology-enabled automation of processes across customers, employees and systems.  It may comprise many specific practices such as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA),  Adaptive processes or 'next best action', and is often facilitated by a Business Process Management System (BPMS).  It is also commonly known as Business Process Automation (BPA) or Digital Process Automation (DPA) or Hyperautomation.  Process Automation itself is a technique utilised in the field of process-based management.

The automation of everything

  With consumers' preference for using the Internet and mobile services to drive business efficiencies and optimise time management, every industry is striving to improve the customer experience and meet the demands of Gen Z by simplifying, automating and making more intelligent end-to-end processes which reduce manual interventions and enables the consumer to self-serve. 

Scaling Process Automation 

  Processes that are seasonal are easily scaled with process automation, pairing the right technology and enabling organisations to upscale and downscale with ease, improving operational costs and providing the same experience no matter how much the demand.

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Why Automate Anyway?

  Organisations are looking to reduce operational costs, increase revenue, reduce complexity and improve the customer experience as well as the employee experience. Some of these business benefits include:

  • Automation of manual processes to improve operational efficiency and customer experience 

  • Workforce Management - ensure the right work goes to the right person in the right priority 

  • Simulation of processes to facilitate 'what-if' analysis in order to optimise process cycle time and cost 

  • Process visibility through measuring/monitoring/reporting 

  • Determine process cycle times, wait times, set thresholds, produce dashboards, etc

  • Process compliance where non-adherence to process results in audit and regulatory breaches.

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Process Automation Services and Development

  Leonardo has an experienced team of consultants, architects and developers who specialise in RPA / IPA/ BPMS Implementation. Our team can help you kick start or support your process automation efforts including: 

  • Discovery and Blueprint sessions to identify candidate processes for automation and deliver an automation blueprint.

  • Delivery of process automation solutions by providing one or all of Architecture, Analysis, Design/Build/Test and a managed service offering.  

  • Analysis of As-Is processes through techniques such as process mining and user workshops with the output being BPMN compliant process models ready for automation


Process Automation Technologies

For 20 years we have worked with many of the region’s leading enterprises to enhance the performance process efforts. Leonardo has partnered with the leading technologies in the automation space - UiPath,  Red Hat, Pega and SoftwareAg.

Leonardo helps in assessing your current technical landscape and identifying, designing and implementing automation platforms to power your processes and create the workflows to drive high-value customer experiences.

BPMS Implementation Services

Our process automation technology partners

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Process Automation Technology Partners

Here are some process automation all-stars we've worked with over the years:



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