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What is Next Best Action?

Adaptive Process and AI

  The next wave of business transformation involves adaptive processes and at its core is the ability for a process to determine its 'next best action'.  Reimagine processes that are more flexible, faster and adaptable to the behaviours, preferences and needs of their workers and customers.  The adaptive capability or 'next best action' is driven by real-time data rather than by a pre-determined sequence of steps, ie the process is not standardised or routine.

  Next best action is facilitated by AI/ML and utilises real time data to guide the end user through a process and provide capability such as personalised content, cross and upselling opportunities, recommendations, etc.  Next best action can also flag issues and raise alerts when for example a human is required to assist.


  Think Individual / tailored products and services versus mass-produced. 



Personalisation vs One Size Fits All

  Customers are trying to move away from generic 'one size fits all' processes and provide personalisation. 

  Organisations are looking for a competitive advantage through differentiation by being unique on an attribute of a product or service that is important to customers.  

Adding Intelligence to Enhance Customer Experience

  Enterprises are also looking for a competitive advantage by having the ability to tailor products or services to a narrow segment rather than providing one product or service to all customers.  Adopting a 'next best action' paradigm and utilising AI/ML to identify a customer belonging to a specific niche market segment will result in relevant personalised content for the customer.  

  Implementing ‘next best action’ adds intelligence to your processes and will significantly enhance the customer experience.


How Leonardo Can Help You Leverage Next Best Action

  Leonardo with its broad process automation capability can provide the know-how in applying next best action from both a business and technical viewpoint.  The resultant To-Be process models and technical backing to deliver those models will help an organisation in its journey to providing tailored personalised processes.

  Ultimately 'next best action' improves customer experience and garners a sense of loyalty to the brand because of the personalised nature of the content.  However, it needs to be crafted correctly which is where Leonardo has the business and technical acumen to ensure an organisation is delivering the next best action effectively.


Next Best Action Services

  Leonardo’s Next Best Action consulting and services include:

  • Discovery / blueprint sessions in order to identify 'next best action' use cases within business processes and that align with an organisation's business strategy.   

  • Data Architect / Engineer roles to ensure an organisation's data is ready for utilising next best action.

  • Technical Delivery - developing and deploying solutions that incorporate next best action.



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