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What is Integration Governance and Delivery?

  Successful delivery and governance provide the effective coordination of end-systems, data, and development SME’s. These experts ensure the consistent, cost-effective, and quality implementation of the scope of works, alongside the application of best practices.

Leonardo team of integration heroes

  Our amazing integration delivery team can help organisations with practical, value-driven integration governance processes - alongside a governance body to assure the quality of the solution implementation while maintaining the core business value.


The problem with many integration projects

  Many technology solutions that are delivered by IT projects are deployed on a project-by-project basis in a siloed and tactical way. The stand-alone nature of an IT project isn’t so much of a problem for implementing business applications as the technology scope is generally part of a single program of work. However, the scope of integration solutions is generally spread out between various in-progress or completed projects.

Messy governance and missed opportunities

  Each project might, therefore, acquire its own integration technologies, coding standard, deployment procedures, or integration patterns. This disparity in standardising integration technical solutions and delivery approach will lead to increasing complexity, duplication, and maintainability, and thus cost.


Are you striving for integration consistency?

  Organisations want to build a ‘system of systems’ that enables coherent processing of customer and business activities. They require value-driven and self-service integration governance. The cost of managing integration team is growing exponentially as the complexity of the solution increases.

Is a cost-effective integration possible?

  Increasingly businesses are looking to migrate their solution from the legacy to target, flexible integration platform. They want to build better integration between independent systems to enable a single coherent solution while keeping these associated costs of building and maintaining under control.


Leonardo's Delivery and Governance Expertise


  Leonardo’s integration delivery experience is as broad as it is deep. Our core competency in lightweight Java-based enterprise service bus technologies like Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Software AG’s WebMethods is complemented by our use of Dell Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform. 

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Integration Delivery & Governance Services

Establish Integration Platform

  • The platform, Infrastructure, and Cloud Architecture. This provides an architecture of the platform and it’s deployment.

  • Integration Platform Implementation. Design and deploy the integration platform.

Implement Integration Solution

  1. Integration Solution Design and Development. Design, Build, and Unit Testing the integration solution

  2. Develop Integration Solution CI/CD Automation. Architect and Deploy CI/CD platform. Design and build automated integration testing and CI/CD pipeline

Establish and perform Integration Governance

  1. Establish Integration Governance Body. Create process and charter to govern the design, development, and operation of the integration solution.

  2. Operate the IGB, Integration Governance as-a-service.

Provide Integration Managed Service.

  • Provide BAU support and small work

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