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Integration Delivery

Providing expertise to execute your integration needs


Leonardo's Integration capability 

Leonardo knows that integration isn’t just about writing code. It’s about writing it, testing it, and deploying it as efficiently as possible. Our approach to infrastructure provisioning, DevOps and CI/CD is based on high levels of automation, so that developers’ time is spent on delivering the solution, not on testing or deploying it.

Leonardo’s integration delivery experience is as broad as it is deep. Our core competency in lightweight Java-based enterprise service bus technologies like Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Software AG’s WebMethods is complemented by our use of ebXML for B2B solutions, API gateways like Red Hat 3Scale and Amazon API Gateway, microservices using Red Hat Openshift and MBaaS using node.js, message queues like AWS’s SQS, AMQ, and Apache Kafka, process orchestration technologies like Pega and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, and a number of Robotic Process Automation technologies.



Enabling business transformation and acceleration

Clients wanting to break down siloes and islands of automation, who want more timely and accurate data, and who want to improve their customer experience outcomes, rely on Leonardo’s expertise and experience to get the right information to the right person or system, at the right time, at the right level of cost. And, before we write a line of code, we design our architectures, platforms, and interfaces with security in mind, so that security and privacy are ensured.



Discovery Workshop

At Leonardo, we prefer to demonstrate the value we can create in partnership with our clients rather than submitting one-size-fits-all proposal documents. Working with organisations hand-in-glove, we add value by addressing business context and capability gaps, as well as providing a practical path forward to meet your  objectives.
Our Discovery Workshop is a roundtable session discussing the connection between BPM, Automation and Integration that illustrates our thinking, approach and supporting technologies. The objective is to create value for stakeholders in the session through provocative discussion that provides the opportunity to explore answers to longstanding organisational challenges and address the inevitable change taking place in your business. 
Leonardo can then make recommendations for your next steps in your BPM / Automation / Integration Journey.

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