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What is an Integration Architecture?

  Business agility is hard to achieve when your systems don’t talk to each other, let alone to those of your clients and suppliers.

  When should we build microservices? When should we use an API gateway? Should all integration go through the enterprise service bus? Service-Oriented Architecture promised us a world of interconnected components but did anyone ever actually make it work?

  Given the significance and complexity of Integration, a well-disciplined, experienced, value-driven integration architecture is crucial. Integration architecture provides the blueprint for integration solution from enterprise, solution, and design perspective to guide and govern the design and development.

Integration is core to modernising the business

  More and more, enterprises are exploring and leveraging modern integration technologies and tools for its next-generation digital services. Increasingly they want to decomposite their monolithic application to a microservices architecture.

Is your current integration platform fit-for-purpose?

  To get here organisations need to know if their system is fit-for-purpose now and for the future. Do they have consistent and timely information between systems? Are they able to build a ‘system of systems’ to enable coherent processing of customer and business activities?

Cost is increasing, alongside complexity and turnaround demands

  Business are struggling to innovate and improve speed to market due to one or more monolithic backend applications. The cost of managing integration team is growing exponentially as the complexity of the solution increases, and licensing for their platforms isn’t getting cheaper. How do businesses decide when to upgrade to lighter, newer technologies?


Architecting For Future Innovation and Digital Business

  Leonardo knows how to design an integration architecture in which the right tools and design principles are selected according to the nature of the problem. We work with our clients to help ensure that they don’t over-engineer while delivering improvements. This might include enable microservices architecture while supplementing the monolithic application, or creating a partner eco-system through standardised and secure API.

How Leonardo can help

  Leonardo’s team will help you understand your existing system, solution and platform to make a more informed strategical decision.

  1. Analyse and provide a strategy and roadmap for migrating legacy to the strategic integration platform

  2. Architect, plan and develop a roadmap for decomposing monolithic application into microservice architecture

  3. Design best practice and fit-for-purpose integration solution that minimising the complexity while maximising the maintainability.


Integration Architecture Services

Perform Technical Solution Review

  • Provide an objective assessment of a business application and actionable recommendation to mitigate issues and risks

Perform Integration Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Discovery

  1. Construct Integration Landscape which provides visibility of all integration solutions in relation to the business systems

  2. Construct Integration Capability Map which provides a high-level description of as-is and target integration capability to support the business

  3. Perform Integration Maturity Assessment which provides the assessment of the organisation’s maturity in supporting the integration practice/capability.

  4. Propose Integration Strategy which provides a recommendation for the organisation to fund and operate their integration team.

  5. Technology Selection. The organisation can rely on Leonardo's industry knowledge and implementation experience to assist in the selection of Integration technologies.

Provide Integration Advisory

  1. Provide ad-hoc advisory on integration strategy, architecture, platform, and governance
  2. Provide open-source integration technology advisory
  3. Provide architecture design for modernising legacy monolithic application.

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