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What is an Integration Architecture?

Business agility is hard to achieve when your systems don’t talk to each other, let alone to those of your clients and suppliers.

When should we build microservices? When should we use an API gateway? Should all integration go through the enterprise service bus? Service Oriented Architecture promised us a world of interconnected components but did anyone ever actually make it work?

This is where integration architecture comes in. It is a technology blueprint that guides the implementation and integration of multiple system, applications and platforms to enhance scalability while achieving agility without complexity.

Building sustainable, full-business integration

Leonardo knows how to design an integration architecture in which the right tools and design principles are selected according to the nature of the problem. We work with our clients to help ensure that they don’t over engineer and spend too much, or ensure that they avoid spending enough and fail to deliver a sufficiently robust discussion.

A Leonardo “Integration Blueprint” goes beyond merely matching design patterns with business scenarios, it extends to governance, maturity, and capability. It helps our clients decide where a node.js microservice might be more appropriate than a full blown ESB service, and where ETL may be a more cost effective way of moving data than messaging.

We recommend when it is appropriate to use any and all of a B2B gateway, API gateway, enterprise service bus, robotic process automation, microservices, and business process orchestration technologies

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Laying the foundation for innovation

A strong integration architecture starts with security. Ensuring your critical data is protected once it leaves its parent application is a key risk mitigation objective. Ensuring it gets where it needs to go in as timely a manner as possible is the next step. Do we need guaranteed delivery?

Leonardo helps you simplify this complexity by aligning your business processes to your digital strategy, building bridges between your legacy data and platforms and orchestrating your systems to scale for future innovation and growth. We enable you to align business and IT, break out of vendor lock in, lower your IT costs and improve flexibility to deliver your actual organisational strategy.

Our unparalleled advisory experience helps you lay the foundation for innovation and transformation in the right way

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