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Red Hat Consulting

Simplifying how you connect your process to your applications, data, and devices across on-premise, mobile, and cloud environments.



Enabling Red Hat solutions to drive business strategy

Leonardo works with clients aligning your business processes to your digital strategy,  building bridges between your legacy data and platforms and orchestrating your systems to scale for future innovation.

Our team has extensive experience leveraging the Red Hat technologies in the design, implementation and deployment of integration solutions.

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Our expertise with the Red Hat platform

Leonardo is a certified Red Hat consulting partner, maintaining a growing team of Red Hat Certified Professionals. We provide resources with the Red Hat portfolio of middleware, APIs and enterprise integration needs.  
Over the last 2 years, Leonardo have delivered many projects using the Red Hat integration portfolio across Australian industry sectors including Higher Education, Retail, Utilities and Telecommunications. We continue to engage our growing team at many of these organisations. 

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How Leonardo can help you with Red Hat

Using the Red Hat platform, Leonardo can enable your organisation to better automate your business processes, integrate your diverse applications and data, and enable your disruptive technologies — mobility, enterprise data and analytics, cloud and social collaboration — which helps you gain that crucial competitive advantage in the market. 

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BPM Automation Integration Workshop

At Leonardo, we prefer to demonstrate the value we can create in partnership with our clients rather than submitting one-size-fits-all proposal documents. Working with organisations hand-in-glove, we add value by addressing business context and capability gaps, as well as providing a practical path forward to meet your  objectives.

Our BPM Automation Integration Workshop is a roundtable session that illustrates our thinking, approach and supporting technologies . The objective is to create value for stakeholders in the session through provocative discussion that provides the opportunity to explore answers to longstanding organisational challenges and address the inevitable change taking place in your business. 
Leonardo can then make recommendations for your next steps in your BPM / Automation / Integration Journey.

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