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Our Process Automation Technology Partners

For 20 years we have worked with many of the region’s leading enterprises to enhance the performance process efforts. Leonardo has partnered with the leading technologies in the automation space - UiPath,  Red Hat, Pega and SoftwareAg.

Leonardo helps in assessing your current technical landscape and identifying, designing and implementing automation platforms to power your processes and create the workflows to drive high-value customer experiences.


Leonardo and UiPath

Leonardo's consultants are trained and experienced in the full delivery lifecycle of process improvement using  UiPath for RPA and IPA. We work with organisations to understand where improvements can be made and deliver them through UiPath Studio created robots.

Leonardo's team has a practical and tactical understanding of how to best manage and improve robotic process automation at scale. Together with UiPath, CI / CD, DevOps are key enablers of managing growing this technology enterprise-wide.

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Leonardo and Red Hat

Business process management (BPM) and business rules management (BRM) systems help business and IT users collaborate to manage business logic and quickly modify procedures and policies as needed. Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite is leading the way.

Our team has extensive experience with the Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite - leveraging RedHat Business Process Management and business rules management systems to help business and IT users improve operation efficiency, reduce their time to market and optimize available business resources.

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Leonardo and Pega

Leonardo’s Pega consultants provide expertise for your delivery team in the architecture, implementation, configuration and administration of Pega. Our partnership with Pega can provide you with experienced Senior Business Architects, Lead & Senior Systems Architects and Consulting Principal’s as you seek to drive governance, quality and the extendability of the Pega toolset across your enterprise

The Leonardo team compliments the skill-sets and capabilities of our clients who require specific support on their automation journey. We enable our clients through traditional coaching and technical domain expertise to realise the full value of the PEGA platform.

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How Leonardo can help you move forward

Leonardo can enable your organisation to better automate your business processes, integrate your diverse applications and data, and enable your disruptive technologies — mobility, enterprise data and analytics, cloud and social collaboration — which helps you gain that crucial competitive advantage in the market as well as driving high-value customer experiences.

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