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What is Process Orchestration?

Process Orchestration is the means by which a process is executed, and monitored and managed throughout its lifecycle. Whereas an enterprise service bus can orchestrate a series of transactions, it does so via Java code or an equivalent such as .NET.

Such code is impenetrable to a business user. Modern BPM servers execute the BPMN models with which many business users are familiar. Changing an executable BPMN model is a far quicker and less expensive proposition than rewriting Java code.


Why Process Orchestration matters?

Expectations from the customer and stakeholder have fundamentally shifted. Every interaction with your customers must be flawless, fast and fantastic. For you, it means your business processes must be agile, adaptable —and ready to be changed as the organisation changes its strategy.

How Leonardo helps your orchestrate your processes

The traditional approach to automating processes is to model the “As Is” and “To Be” states of all candidate process, and then handing these over to another team to put these models into a business process engine.

The Leonardo approach is uniquely more effective. Our approach is to model a single process, decide how to implement it (i.e. the technology-specific view of the process), then implement it. Then model a second process, decide how to implement it, and implement it. It’s bringing Agile principles to the world of business process management. It delivers results faster, and recognises the (often subtle) differences between a business-centric view of a process and the technology-specific view.

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Delivering best practice automation and orchestration

Leonardo uses a number of BPM servers to deliver best practice process automation and orchestration. These include the market-leading Pega, SoftwareAG's webMethods and the open source Red Hat Process Automation Manager. But like all Leonardo service offerings, our Process Orchestration capability is based on foundational capabilities, such as Process Modelling for Automation, and Process Automation Architecture.

It’s about executing the right processes in the right way, using the right technology.

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Leonardo approach - supporting, agile continous improvement

The traditional waterfall approach to process modelling and execution means a significant delay before any benefits are realised.

Leonardo’s Agile approach to Process Orchestration results in gains within weeks, not years.

It is also far more supportive of continuous improvement, and our clients often find our approach to be self-funding rather than relying on large, upfront capital outlays.

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