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  Leonardo & BIC

gbtec.pngWe have been supporting BIC since 2014, and we currently provide support to some of Australia’s biggest users and most complex environments.

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  • BIC Administration 
    • General & User Management / Database Management / Portal Management / Configuration Management / Evaluation / License Key Management Tech Support
  • BIC Reporting
  • BIC Health Check
  • BIC Environment Establishment & Development


  • We have a proven and reliable approach to BIC Administration, and a team of experts who can execute to this approach.
  • We can provide a scalable service depending on the changing needs of your BIC related projects and business unit activities

Cost Effectiveness

  • Our ability to scale quickly to support projects as they arise means that you will have the BIC resources you need, when you need them, and for no longer than you need them for
  • Our ongoing and consistent approach to BIC Content & User management means that you can be assured your content is managed and your investment in this content is safeguarded.


  What is the BIC Platform?

The BIC (Business Information Center) Platform is a powerful business process modelling (BPM) service that’ ensures each company gets the right BPM solution to meet its individual needs.
Designed for process-oriented improvements, the BIC Platform allows organizations to achieve goals quickly and effectively by supporting the most critical stages of the business process: planning, design, implementation, optimization, and operation.

As a comprehensive, easy-to-use service, the BIC Platform allows users to:

  • Develop clear, target-oriented business process
  • Examine relationships between business processes and IT systems
  • Design ideal processes with unique selling points
  • Implement improvements through enhanced communication
  • Identify any potential for optimization and increased efficiency
  • Reveal cost and staff requirements using process-oriented calculations
  • Streamline internal and external audits using professional documentation
  • Continually measure the value proposition of business processes and IT systems

This unique service was developed based on consistent implementation of customer requirements. Its modular structure and capacity for large-scale integration allows for customization to suit any business’ needs.

Interested about BIC at your organisation?