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Workato & Leonardo

Partner with Australia’s trusted experts in Workato



Certified Workato Delivery Gold Partner


50+ AU based automation / integration architects & developers


25 years leading Integration & API for ANZ enterprises

Leonardo has 25+ years of experience driving large-scale, value-driven enterprise integration-led transformations

We have deep experience and knowledge in architecting intelligent automation/ integrations in partnership with Workato. Our team can ensure optimal patterns are designed, and maximise the reusability / maintainability of your enterprise integration / API platform.

Leonardo's Workato Services


Workato API Management

We enable  you to design, maintain and consume APIs in the cloud. Leonardo's Integration-led Automation frameworks  enable our clients to control access to endpoints, continually monitor digital resources, build with speed, and collaborate at scale.


Workato Enterprise iPaaS

From architecture, management, modernisation to TCO, migration and management, we cover all stages of the Workato iPaaS integration lifecycle. We streamline your business by bringing systems, applications, and processes together and applying architected integration for end-to-end value.


Intelligent Workflow Automation

We empower you with advanced automated processes underpinned by Workato. These processes work in conjunction with secure and verified human interactions and help you orchestrate your processes with efficiency and intelligence.


Workato Consulting

Our Workato experts answer your strategic questions and define why Workato holds value for your business. We can support your business on a journey through discovery, blueprint, Integration strategy and roadmaps to address key challenges and opportunities, impacting y0ur enterprise.

Case Studies

  • ermha


Leonardo Delivers Intelligent Analytics using Integration-led Automation for ERMHA built with Workato iPaaS Platform

  • ERMHA was struggling to obtain real-time views of business data and experienced monthly overtime budget excesses of over $60k. The acquisition of data was heavily manual and time-consuming, resulting in the scheduler unintentionally scheduling overtime and exposing unbudgeted overtime.
  • Using Workato, Leonardo designed and implemented a solution to integrate their applications and automate data out of ERMHA's client management / workforce management systems, allowing management to have an active view of current workforce commitments and empower team leads to adjust accordingly in-line with budgets.
  • The implementation of the overtime monitoring solution alongside the Workato platform enabled ERMHA to shift from reactive, tactical operation of business applications and provide valuable cost saving back to the business in under 4 weeks.

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Leonardo's Workato-powered AI RAG LLM Solution

How Integration-Led Automation using RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) LLM can create GPT interface for your disparate business information

  • This RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) LLM approach is designed bring together varying knowledge bases as the foundational layer for a custom LLM (Large Language Model)and create unified view of business information
  • By grounding our LLM on externally supplied and verifiable facts, we significantly reduce the risk of misleading answers and enhance reasoning transparency
  • Our team was able to develop the integration within just a few weeks its suite of connectors, showcasing the immense potential of Workato's powerful iPaaS platform.

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