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Do you and your organisation get the maximum benefit from the significant time and money invested in business process modelling? 

 Course Description

This one-day, tool-neutral seminar is a breakthrough experience for all process modellers and those who manage them. Developed by experienced modellers, this seminar gives practical advice and guidance on contemporary modelling best practice.

  Who Should Attend

This course is designed for both managers and business/process analysts. It focuses on applying standard (PMI) concepts of project management to the specifics of a business process change project. This course is a must for business and IT analysts and designers involved in process-based change and the automation of process solutions. Anyone involved in any aspect of managing a business process change effort will benefit from this course.

  Course Context:

These Frequently Asked Questions will be answered for seminar attendees
  • How do I sell process modelling to rest of the organisation?
  • How do I ensure the quality of process models?
  • How do I find and nurture business drivers for modelling excellence?
  • How do I maintain the good reputation of process models/modelling?
  • How do I communicate the power and purpose of the models created?
  • How do I gauge cultural readiness for process modelling?
  • How do I create an effective process modelling community?
  • Why do most organisations work on process models bottom up?
  • How do I encourage people to embrace the process models?
  • How do I explain modelling standards to non-modellers?

  Why attend?:

  • use innovative techniques to consistently
  • make the critical leap from As Is to To Be
  • discover ALL of the available process change ideas discover process improvement ideas
  • use standard process improvement patterns to discover viable process change ideas
  • use tools and techniques that can be applied
  • integrate leading edge theory with practical tools based on real world exercises

Leonardo Consulting

Process Modelling Excellence
Course Details




1 day


$750 ($825 incl.GST)

Course Agenda:

1.  What is a model?
2.  Achieving the purpose of modelling
3.  Resolving The Modeller’s Dilemma: balancing pragmatic, semantic, syntactic quality
4.  Designing and using modelling conventions
5.  Publishing models that communicate
6.  Process model release cycle management
7.  Reusing process models
8.  The role of process architectures
9.  Managing complexity
10. How to enable successful process modelling initiatives

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