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If you aren’t actively measuring process performance, you aren’t doing process management, and you wouldn’t know if you were doing process improvement.

Course Description

Measuring processes is a prerequisite to improving and managing them. This two-day course provides valuable insights into, and practical tools for, the discovery, definition and management of effective process performance measures. The theory, tools and techniques discussed in class are immediately applied in group work exercises. On completing the course, students are well equipped with all they need to immediately develop a coherent set of process performance measures.

Group training only ( 5+). If you have a number of participants from your organisation who require training, please be in touch for rates. 

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 Who Should Attend

This course is for anyone involved in the measurement of organisational performance, especially for those who take a process-based management approach. Executives, managers, process practitioners, business analysts and anyone involved in the management or improvement of business processes will gain valuable and practical insights from this course.

You will learn to:

  • Six Process Perspectives
  • Measurement Themes
  • Stakeholder Priority Matrix
  • Process Measures Matrix
  • Rationalising Questions
  • Performance Leakage Points
  • Measurement Methods
  • Performance Trail Markers
  • Mistake Proofing Approach
  • Process Measures Record

Course Characteristics

  • Participants are tutored to use effective techniques to measure process performance.
  • More than just a mechanical practice, process performance measurement is a critical element of effective process-based management. This course presents measurement in the context of management.
  • Not simply a course of instruction, this is an interactive program integrating leading edge theory with practical tools using real world exercises and case studies
  • Attendees take away tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.

Course Details




2 days


$1500 ($1650 incl.GST) 

Course Agenda:

  1. 1.  Positioning Business Process Management - Why Measure?
    2.  Measure What?
    3.  Who is involved in Measurement?
    4.  When and Where to Measure?
    5. How to Measure?
    6. Failure Modes
    7. Bringing it all Together 


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