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BPM Maturity Assessment
BPMM Assess

Plotting a course for the development of process-based management


Our approach to establishing organisational BPM Maturity

Leonardo’s assessment method incorporates a self-assessment survey supported by observational data and outcomes of interviews with key people. The methodology is designed to give credible, useful, and repeatable results, in a reasonably short time, and with a minimum of intrusion into daily operations. Based on the survey data and the observed reality (from observation and interviews), we are able to make an informed assessment of the level of BPM Maturity.



Deliverables of BPMM Assess

Key deliverables are a BPM Maturity Assessment Report and a BPM Maturity Development Plan.
  • The BPM Maturity Assessment Report contains a detailed analysis of BPM maturity levels. It is based on the self-assessment of a relevant cohort of staff plus moderation by an experienced consultant based on observations and interviews.
  • The BPM Maturity Development Plan contains recommendations for change, shaped into a series of change initiatives forming a roadmap, to achieve target BPM maturity levels.
The findings in these two documents will be presented to key people in the organisation.



Benefits from conducting a BPM Maturity Assessment

Assessing, and actively managing, the maturity of an organization’s management of business processes provides many benefits:
  • a framework for better understanding of the BPM approach
  • detailed understanding of maturity at each of the 7Enablers of BPM
  • waypoints for the BPM development journey
  • facilitation of ongoing discussion of process matters
  • evidence-based design and maintenance of a BPM roadmap
Regular BPM maturity assessments using the BPMM Assess approach provide focus and motivation via a practical and cost-effective mechanism for evaluating progress in the development of effective process based management.

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