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What is BPMM Assess?

Today’s organisations are on a journey to continually improve the way they manage their business processes. Part of this journey is to understand where on the maturity curve they are but more importantly, where they need to be in the years to come and how they are going to get there. BPMM Assess is a maturity assessment that is cost effective and provides exactly what the business needs to know about where they are at, where they want to be and how they will get there.


Our approach to establishing organisational BPM Maturity


The assessment has three main modes: (i) an online survey that is completed by as many staff members as possible, (ii) an examination phase during which reference documentation is analysed and interviews with selected key BPM stakeholders are conducted, and (iii) a diagnostic review that facilitates co-creation of the BPM development roadmap.

BPMM steps

Benefits from conducting a BPM Maturity Assessment

Assessing, and actively managing, the maturity of an organization’s management of business processes provides many benefits:

  • a framework for better understanding of the BPM approach
  • detailed understanding of maturity at each of the 7Enablers of BPM
  • waypoints for the BPM development journey
  • facilitation of ongoing discussion of process matters
  • evidence-based design and maintenance of a BPM roadmap

Regular BPM maturity assessments using the BPMM Assess approach provide focus and motivation via a practical and cost-effective mechanism for evaluating progress in the development of effective process based management.


Deliverables of BPMM Assess

The BPM Maturity Assessment Report presents the analysis of maturity levels derived from an online survey of staff (the subject matter experts for the organization’s processes), moderated by an experienced consultant based on observations and interviews.  Outcomes for this include:

  • maturity assessments for each of the 7Enablers, and overall
  • maturity targets for each of the 7Enablers, and overall
  • a simplified structure with which to plan and deliver improvements

During the BPM Maturity Diagnostic Review Workshop, key stakeholders discuss and finalize the current and target BPMM levels thereby identifying maturity gaps, and then create a BPM Maturity Roadmap of closely targeted initiatives to close those gaps. Outcomes for this include:

  • practical plans for BPM maturity evolution
  • translation of aspirations into well- defined goals and realization initiatives
  • a repeatable assessment of progress toward sustained process-based management

Download BPMM Handbook

This 20 page handbook outlines Leonardo's approach to preparing, surveying, examining and assessing BPM Maturity in your organisation.

Download BPMM Assess Handbook

BPMM Resources

  1. Download: Reimagine Management - The 7Enablers of BPM Paper 
  2. Article: Cross the Chasm Toward BPM Maturity 
  3. Article: The 4 Development States of BPM

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