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A 8-day project to accelerate the evolution of sustained process based management

Reimagine is a project that accelerates the development of process-based management and the delivery of the related benefits in improved organisational performance. Based on the Primacy of Process principle, the 7Enablers of BPM, and the Tregear Circles the project is designed to quickly establish the environment where process-based management can thrive.

The project is designed to be completed in eight working days over two weeks. It is comprised of a series of briefings, a training seminar, a set of workshops, and a final presentation including an ongoing development roadmap. The project plan is designed to optimise project time and make the maximum progress towards establishing the genesis of process-based management. 


Why BPM is critical for your organisation

Process-based management is not an optional choice; it simply is the way organizations work. The choice every organization must make is whether to proactively manage, measure, and optimize those processes to ensure the best outcomes for all interested parties, both outside and inside. Organizations must reimagine their operations as value creation and delivery flows. A practical and pragmatic approach to understanding the organization as a system for value creation, accumulation, and delivery is required.

A practical kickstarter for your BPM efforts

Many approaches to the establishment of BPM as a management approach are labour-intensive, resource-demanding, and time-consuming. Reimagine is different; the process of process management has been disrupted. While not trivialising the difficulties of management, Reimagine provides a direct, efficient way to link strategy and operations via process-based management.

A short, focused plan ensures that the organization is underway on the process-based management journey. The 8 day Reimagine project marks the beginning, not the end, of the journey. Full implementation of process-based management along with establishment of fully operational circles and enablers will not be achieved within this project alone.

Two weeks to accelerate BPM 

A timetable template is presented in the table below. This plan is designed to optimise project time and make the maximum progress towards establishing process-based management. Eight days over two contiguous weeks are assumed for this highly-focused plan.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.22.31 pm.png

Deliverables for the Reimagine Project

This project is designed to be completed in eight days, during which the series of activities described below are facilitated and completed. 

Establishment meetings and briefings         
  • Understanding of project objectives
  • Stakeholder questions addressed
  • Confirmed plan

Training workshop     

  • Student handout material, Reimagining Management book

Architecture Workshop #1     

  • Understanding of process architecture +
  • Development, maintenance plan
  • L0 process list + 50 word descriptions

Architecture Workshop #2     

  • Confirmed L0 list + descriptions
  • L1 process list + 50 word descriptions
  • Reference Group briefing as required

Architecture Workshop #3     

  • L1 shared management processes identified
  • L1 shared support processes identified
  • Ongoing development plan for shared management & support processes
  • Reference Group briefing as required

Governance Workshop #1     

  • Agreed governance arrangements
  • Agreed PO role description
  • POs identified (if possible)
  • Reference Group briefing as required

Measures Workshop #1         

  • Understanding need for measurement
  • Critical Level 0 measures defined
  • Reference Group briefing as required

Measures Workshop #2         

  • Critical L0/L1 measures defined
  • Reference Group briefing as required

Development roadmap          

  • BPM Development Roadmap

Documentation completion   

  • Finalised project documentation

Presentation of outcomes     

  • Outcomes presentation

Review & finalisation

  • Issues documented and, where possible, resolved

Further reading

Below are four articles dealing with topics and ideas discussed in this project

The Case for Process Architecture

A Business Process Architecture is the primary artifact of process management and improvement. If you don't have a BPA, you aren't doing process management. If you don't have a documented and agreed understanding of the relationships and interdependencies between your key business processes, then you can't be sure you are really doing effective process improvement. Read more >>

Gettting Process Measurement Right

Measuring process performance is fundamental. Whether our intent is pragmatic process improvement or the more holistic goals of process management, we must measure process performance. Read more >>

Embedding Process Measurement

The core process governance cycle is to measure the process performance gap, assess what, if anything, needs to be done now to adjust that gap, and then to take the required action. Then repeat, forever. Read more >>

Creating a culture of continuous problem finding

'Continuous problem finding' requires the right mindset and toolset, supported by leadership and a personal, team and organizational culture that values improvement. Read more >>

 - Pricing -

The single fixed fee for the Reimagine project delivered in Australia is A$28,000 (pricing is available for international clients - please contact us below for further information about this). This includes all project deliverables described plus:

  • 5 copies of the book Reimagining Management
  • Printouts, for each participant, of the slides used in the Reimagining Management workshop
  • An extract of the key PowerPoint slides used in the Reimagining Management workshop for internal reuse
  • 20 sets of the 7Enablers of BPM cards
  • 2 copies of the A1 size posters of the Tregear Circles, 7Enablers of BPM, and the BPM Maturity Matrix as used in the workshop.
Terms and Conditions
  • 1. GST is included.
  • 2. The client will provide all venues, including any related catering.
  • 3. There are no additional charges for other expenses; there is just the single charge.
  • 4. 5% of the total is invoiced at project agreement and payment prior to the commencement of work is requested.
  • 5. The remaining 95% of the fee is invoiced on completion of the two-week schedule.