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You’ve studied the As Is. You’ve identified the problems. Now you need to discover the very best ideas for change that will solve those problems.Be clever! Now! Innovate by next Thursday! … Umm, not so easy?

 Course Description

Innovation must be predictable; it can’t be left to chance. This 3-day course delivers practical advice and tools you can used immediately to generate great process change ideas. Stop relying on chance. Discover the 4 Dimensions Model of idea generation: Enhancement, Innovation, Derivation and Utilisation.

Whether you use Six Sigma, Lean, or some other process methodology, you still need to discover the best ideas for change. This course fills this important “idea generation” gap for all process practitioners.


  4 Dimensions Model

The 4Dimensions model provides a framework to force discovery of the very best ideas for process improvement. Enhancement is about making smaller changes, whereas the Innovation dimension looks for radical change. At the extremes of this ‘horizontal’ continuum, we enhance current processes or create new ones.  The Utilization dimension focuses on making the best use of available resources. To benefit from what has been done elsewhere, we explore the Derivation dimension. The ‘vertical’ continuum takes us from making the most of what we have to making the most of what others have done.

In all four dimensions we use tools and techniques specifically designed to discover all the possible changes leading to optimized process improvement.

  Who Should Attend

This course is designed for both managers and business/process analysts. It focuses on applying standard (PMI) concepts of project management to the specifics of a business process change project. This course is a must for business and IT analysts and designers involved in process-based change and the automation of process solutions. Anyone involved in any aspect of managing a business process change effort will benefit from this course.

  Download 2 Virtuous Circles of BPM Paper

  After this course you will understand:

  • the process of idea generation
  • the 4-Dimensions idea discovery model
  • the need for continuous improvement and discontinuous innovation
  • how to better utilise existing resources
  • how to derive ideas about change from the example of others
  • the Innovate-Enhance Evolution model
  • an eight-stage model for process change

  You will learn how to:

  • use innovative techniques to consistently make the critical leap from As Is to To Be
  • discover ALL of the available process change ideas discover process improvement ideas
  • use standard process improvement patterns to discover viable process change ideas
  • use tools and techniques that can be applied
  • integrate leading edge theory with practical tools based on real world exercises

 Course Details

  • Introductions & Objectives
    • process & BPM context
    • exercise: improving restaurant processes
  • Process Improvement Context
    • the ‘white space’ between As Is and To Be
    • measuring process improvement
    • managing stakeholder expectations & outcomes
    • introducing the 4 Dimensions Model
    • exercises: improving travel management & changing the movie theatre experience
  • Enhancement
    • using process improvement patterns
    • process improvement patterns defined: control flow, objects, customer, resource
    • exercise: managing access to level 124 of the Burj Khalifa
  • Innovation
    • improvement vs. innovation
    • innovation tools
    • improvement patterns: voices of customers, employees & suppliers, crowdsourcing, crowdsolving, crowdserving
    • exercise: finding a spare car park
  • Utilisation
    • process utilisation matrix: better, different & new uses of people, data & systems
    • example case studies
    • exercise: the supermarket of the future
  • Derivation
    • harvesting ‘better practice’
    • sources of derivation: reference models, benchmarking, case studies
    • exercise: making it concrete
  • Achieving Change
    • the ‘black hole’ between To Be and As Is
    • applying Kotter’s model to process improvement
    • process change management
  • Process Improvement Exercise
    • major course exercise: improving a procurement process
  • Review & Conclusion
    • bringing it all together
    • review & wrap


Innovation Processes
Course Details




3 day



Course Agenda:

1.  Objectives
2.  Process Improvement Context
3.  Enhancement
4.  Innovation
5.  Utilisation
6.  Derivation
7.  Achieving Change
8.  Process Improvement Excersise
9.  Review

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Course Dates

Group training only ( 4+). If you have a number of participants from your organisation who require training, please be in touch for group rates. 

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