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The Workato Platform

Workato is an enterprise cloud automation and integration platform that goes beyond the traditional iPaaS and elevates the automation experience to deliver more strategic value for the business. As a comprehensive enterprise platform, Workato covers all core automation use cases across iPaaS, workflows, high-volume data integrations, AI/ML, and bots. The platform is inclusive of over 40,000 community-built automation integrators for reuse and sharing.


Leonardo's expertise with Workato

Leonardo has 20+ years of expertise driving large-scale, value-driven enterprise transformations. We have deep experience and knowledge in architecting and designing rapid automation/integrations in partnership with Workato. Our team can ensure optimal patterns are designed and maximise the reusability and maintainability of your automation solution.

Workato Services

Leonardo helps our clients in the form of architecture, development and consulting services backed up by robust implementation experience.  Our key Workato services include:
  • Workato API Management: Our Workato API Management Services enable you to design, maintain and consume APIs in the cloud.  Leonardo's Automation and Integration framework approach enable our clients to control access to endpoints, continually monitor digital resources, build with speed, and collaborate at scale.
  • Workato iPaaS Integration Services: From design, management, modernisation to management, we cover all stages of the Workato iPaaS integration lifecycle. We streamline your IT by bringing systems, applications, and processes together and applying architected automation principles.
  • Workato Workflow Automation Services: We empower you with advanced automated processes underpinned by Workato. These processes work in conjunction with secure and verified human interactions and help you achieve a scalable infrastructure that runs at lightning speed.
  • Workato Consulting: Our Workato experts answer your most strategic questions and define why Workato Integration holds value for your business. We can support your business on a journey through discovery, blueprint, roadmaps to address key challenges and opportunities, impacting the C-suite

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