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  • Suncorp recognised a need to enhance its strategy, one aspect of which was to introduce a Marketplace concept (a marketplace is how Uber, Amazon, eBay operate), which moves away from standard pipeline products and services.
  • To realise it’s Marketplace Strategy, Suncorp initiates partnerships with different organisations, whilst developing the full scope of what a Marketplace in Banking and Insurance meant, and what was possible.
  • To fully conceptualise the changes required and understand how the pieces needed to fit together, a Business Architecture needed to be established to blueprint the new operating environment.
  • The Business Architecture stream was established as part of a broader program of work that was tasked to establish a portal into Suncorp for new and existing Partners to engage.

Work Performed By Our Team

  • Established the relationship of strategy/demand/KPI’s/capability/value chains & processes/projects required for an effective Business Architecture
  • Developed a business capability model for a Marketplace environment
  • Developed a process architecture for the Marketplace environment
  • Provided sample strategy intent breakdown from the Marketplace and Suncorp Strategy
  • Established a Customer Journey Management and highlighted the importance of Journey Management in the Marketplace environment when selecting Partnerships
  • Developed a Partnership Journey Model (not seen or done before)
  • Build meta-model for supporting tools (ARIS and Alfabet) & introduced and implemented
    those tools in support of Business Architecture Management, including Release Cycle Management for architecture models
  • Established an organisation-wide Architecture and Design forum for Governance and decisions
  • Conducted any show and tell sessions, aided other business areas in uplifting business architecture and process management capability, highlighted the potential of expanding the meta-model of Business Architecture to areas such as Risk and Control

Value For Client

  • Provided the base building block of a Business Architecture Capability, which is still in use
  • Provided a strong, evidence-based view on the Marketplace and, not only what is required, but the full potential of what can be realised
  • Aligned project investments with strategy and Marketplace capabilities, ensuring that the right projects were focused on

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