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  • One of the world's largest hedge funds has experienced exponential growth for the last 10 years.
  • When the firm was smaller, it engaged in management 'by sight. However, growth to thousands of employees and processes meant management 'by process' was the deemed to be the way forward.
  • Traditionally, documentation of processes was performed in silos without emphasis on consistency. Such a practice results in difficulties of inter-relating processes and understanding impact of change.
  • Challenge was to introduce a single platform for process documentation that was controlled to provide consistent process information enabling enhanced process improvement and robust decision making.

Work Performed By Our Team


Value For Client

  • Reduced time to train as process models provided a consistent training reference
  • Reduced time to change – significant reduction of difficulty to find As-Is process information
  • Increased process model reliability by strong governance steps to ensure only quality models are made available for general consumption
  • Increased cross departmental communication by introducing inter-departmental hand-off points in process models


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