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  • BHP Billiton operates globally to provide the natural resources essential for the world's economic and social development, now and in the future.
  • BHP Billiton embarked on a Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture initiative that required the development, integration, publication and ongoing maintenance of business process and Enterprise Architecture related models.
  • ARIS plays an important role in Iron Ore's capacity expansion projects to achieve an enterprise-wide definition and design of business processes.
  • In addition, ARIS is utilised to represent IT architectures and data structures. Along with these advantages comes a need for appropriate governance and control.
  • Leonardo Consulting plays a key role in assisting BHP Billiton Iron Ore to meet these challenges and in ensuring the availability and consistency of its ARIS environment.



Work Performed By Our Team

  • Provided qualified admin support services including management of 40 user accounts and governance of 3000 models
  • Review of database content to ensure models conform to Iron Ore's ARIS standards and conventions
  • Definition and implementation of automated ARIS quality checks.
  • Quality assurance to guarantee database integrity
  • Advice on and execution of ARIS method configuration changes

Value For Client

  • Consistency in ARIS models, objects and general content
  • Continued governance and change control resulting in the delivery of a high quality repository
  • Monitoring of service requests and related activities ensures correct prioritisation and problem identification
  • Ongoing tracking of service requests
  • Prompt and accurate response and problem resolution
  • Single point of contact for ARIS related questions and support requests
  • Trusted model repository

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