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BPM, Automation & Integration Workshop

Build the future by maximising the potential for successful BPM, Automation & Integration at your organisation


Our BPM Automation Integration Workshop is an initial roundtable session determines your business context and capability needs while illustrating Leonardo's unique approach and supporting technologies.

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Our objective is to create value for stakeholders in the session through a provocative discussion that provides the opportunity to explore answers to ongoing organisational challenges and provide a practical path forward to meet your companies objectives.

Setting the Workshop Context & Agenda

The Workshop Will:

  • Engage, excite and challenge your current thinking
  • Kickstart a range of discussions that drives continuous process improvement
  • Move your business forward, accelerating digital / mobile enablement
  • Provide pratical, tangible opportunities in your business can action
  • Give your business a better understanding of the market, supporting technologies and areas of success that relate to your enterprise
  • Informed understanding of the required capabilities to implement desired BPM + Automation + Integration for your desired strategic needs
  • Highlight how you can practically drive improvement between your critical business processes and fundamental business systems through an actionable framework

Need help with your processes?

Leonardo Consulting is a recognised industry leader in BPM, Automation and Integration with proven capability to plan, architect, and implement robust solutions. Our approach delivers measurable continuous process improvement that drives digital and mobile enablement for organisations.

To explore your business integration needs and talk about what is keeping you awake at night -sign up for a free integration strategy workshop today!

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