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 Course Overview

SAP Solution Manager (SAP SolMan) is the tool provided by SAP AG  to  enable  efficient  system  implementation, upgrade, monitoring and support. ARIS for SAP integrates with SAP SolMan to close the gap between business requirements, business process design, and SAP implementation. This integration supports the entire SAP lifecycle, from strategy and requirements analysis, through blueprint to configuration, testing, training and rollout. ARIS for SAP enables usage of the business process repository to support the documentation, analysis and optimisation of business processes in the context of the SAP environment. The optimised processes are then synchronised with the SAP Solution Manager. In SAP SolMan the processes are then tied to the SAP configuration, testing and training documentation. This provides the basis for the further monitoring of selected business processes through SAP SolMan. This approach enables cost savings and fast implementation and extensions of your SAP solution and is taught within in this training.

  Who Should Attend

ARIS Administrator, Solution Architect, Business Process Architect, Enterprise Architect

  Course Content:

  • Overview of SAP SolMan
  • Introduction to functionality of ARIS for SAP
  • Content and Usage of SAP Business Process Repository (BPR)
  • Settings in ARIS for SAP for Modelling and Synchronisation with SAP SolMan
  • Meaning and Usage of SAP specific ARIS attributes
  • ARIS usage in the SAP implementation Life cycle Phases
  • SAP specific Modelling Conventions
  • Data transfer ARIS to SAP SolMan and SAP Solution Manager to ARIS
  • Re-using processes from BPR

  After this course you will:

  • Know how to use ARIS in the SAP project lifecycle effectively
  • Know how to use the BPR in your process modelling
  • Know the modelling conventions for ARIS for SAP
  • Be able to synchronise between ARIS and SAP SolMan


A4SAP1: Optimised Process-driven SAP Solutions with ARIS for SAP


ARIS Business Modeller Training (ABD-EPC or ABD-BPMN) or similar, basic knowledge of SAP Solution Manager is desirable


2 days

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