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Disruption Reaches Integration

Leonardo Consulting has partnered with Software AG to create the world first ‘MiDaaS’ -Managed Integration Delivery as a Service platform.

MiDaaS provides a scalable cloud technology solution based on a complete, managed integration service. Integration is at the heart of every successful Social, Mobile, Analytics (Big Data), Cloud and the Internet of Things (SMACT ) initiative.

MiDaaS utilises the leading and recognised performance of webMethods (Gartner, Forrester) with a fully managed integration delivery methodology; a complete modular subscription integration solution.

What is MiDaaS?

  • A 24x7x365 modular monthly subscription integration solution
  • A pay-for-what-you-use platform that understands the changing nature of your business
  • An efficient, reliable, B2B platform with no hidden costs that will reduce costs, risk and increase capability within your technology
  • MiDaaS allows enterprises of all sizes to spend more of their valuable resources on the products and services that directly benefit customers
  • MiDaaS streamlines integration by minimising the amount of unnecessary and redundant time and energy spent on it.

Why MiDaaS?

  • MiDaaS reduces your IT expenditure and provides cost effective integration
  • MiDaas facilitates real-time exchange of data and programs among enterprise-wide systems and trading partners
  • MiDaaS improves your project alignment & operational efficiency
  • With over 2 decades of experience Leonardo can provide you with a scalable cloud technology solution based on a complete, managed integration service.

The MiDaaS Platform Explained

MiDaaS is an Amazon Web Services powered integration platform which is run on Red Hat portfolio to combine best-of-breed technology, infrastructure and best practice to provide a truly managed delivery offering as a subscription service.

MiDaaS enables business processes, applications and data sources to be fully integrated in the cloud without the hassle of the moving goalposts of traditional integration setups.

It’s time to think different

MiDaaS is a world first, scalable cloud technology solution based on a complete, managed integration service. If you want to know how you can transform your technology integration strategy whilst reducing your cost and risk, then contact us today.

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