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Discovery Workshop


Challenging times aren’t they?  BAU as we know it is dead. Business are trying to ramp up to meet unexpected demands, or, conversely going into a partial/full hibernation. Enterprises must stay relevant and adapt to this new economy.

Our free half-day session is designed to help any business determine their next steps to keep pace with the new market created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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All businesses face the threat of disruption as markets rapidly evolve to the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies which adapt and become agile digital enterprises will become the industry leaders of tomorrow. Leonardo can help enterprises create and implement digital transformations that will impact every business process. 

The Workshop Will:

  • Engage and challenge your current thinking about threats and opportunities in COVID-19 environment
  • Move your business forward, accelerating digital strategy
  • Provide pratical, tangible opportunities in your business can action to drive forward digital strategy
  • Highlight how you can practically drive improvement between your critical business processes and fundamental business systems through an actionable framework

Need help with your processes?

Leonardo is a recognised industry leader in Digital Process Transformation with proven capability to plan, architect, and implement robust solutions. Our approach delivers intelligent end-to-end process tranformations that practial outcomes for organisations.
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