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  • Navitas is a leading global education provider, delivering an extensive range of educational services to over 80,000 aspirational students across the globe each year. Navitas were experiencing extensive growth in securing partnerships with colleges around the world. The key to maintaining these partnerships was to ensure the data and process integration with the colleges are seamless and valuable.
  • This integration project was needed to help match potential students with a plethora of courses in Australia, helping them to navigate the study-prerequisites, application and offer paperwork, visa requirements, enrolment and even arrange accommodation and transport when they are here.
  • Leonardo leveraged the security, performance and scalability of Red Hat OpenShift, 3Scale and Fuse to deliver an API Gateway and to reliably integrate over 20 disparate systems to achieve Navitas' goals, on time and on budget.

Work Performed By Our Team

  • Assisting in delivering business outcomes leveraging Leonardo Consulting’s Integration Capability Enablement Framework. The Red Hat 3Scale API management platform is one of the key enabling technologies for the innovative University Partner Open API initiative.
  • Providing Business Architecture guidance. Leonardo worked with the Navitas architect and conducted the product capability evaluation, resulting in the integration tool and platform Blueprint.
  • The evaluation found Red Hat's OpenShift cloud/container platform and Fuse to be the most cost-effective, secure, and flexible platform to provide a number of Test environments and a Production environment, complete with monitoring dashboards and centralised logging out of the box. It also found 3Scale to be the most suitable API Gateway platform, combining a SaaS management facility with the actual APIcast gateway hosted on Navitas' OpenShift platform.
  • Initiating three streams to deliver the project: platform-infrastructure, integration design and integration build. All streams were managed using agile methodology to aid collaboration between all team members, the Navitas project management and other external stakeholders, and to maintain the discipline of frequent deliveries.
  • All aspects of the architecture, design and processes were fully documented and reviewed. Unit tests and even automated end-to-end integration tests were also provided.
  • Providing disciplined production change-management and support, with well-documented procedures integrated with Navitas' deployment run-sheets.

Value For Client

  • 100+ number of integrations
  • 20 number of uni’s onboarded
  • 0 severity 1 or 2 issues in 2 years of Production
  • The Integration layer facilitates all student online Admissions for each of the 20 AU colleges providing integrations between Studylink (Online Admissions system), Navigate (Student Management System) and Salesforce.

The successful integration had the following benefits:

  • Improved data quality with less manual intervention with the transition of processes that recruits applicants and enrolling them in courses shifting from manual to automated

  • Improved customer experience  with applicants now able to track progress and maintain their details online 

  • Better data quality compared with call-center interactions 

  • Better cost-savings and better student-user experience

  • Increased efficiency with streamlining of  student registrations with government agencies and health insurers 

  • Better ROI through improved commission attribution with streamlining of recruitment agent management 

  • Improved scalability, extendability, and reliability of the new platform

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