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  • BMA owns and operates mines in Bowen Basin, Queensland, and Australia.
  • BMA would like to better understand the Accommodation Services process with a view to standardise, improve and measure its performance.
  • The business received a number of complaints from its employees, contractors and maintenance contractors. The major complaints were
    • Contractors could not start working on agreed time because accommodation were not supplied on-time.
    • New Employees were given accommodations but on arrival the allocated properties were still occupied which had a huge impact on their families.
    • Maintenance contractors complain not getting paid on time.
    • Operational restrictions occurred within business due to new employees/contractors not arriving on site as agreed.

Work Performed By Our Team

  • Analysed as-is processes to deliver the accommodation services.
  • Capture and prioritise current issues experienced by all stakeholders of the processes.
  • Develop optimised to-be processes that addressed the issues.
  • Clarified the roles and responsibilities of all role players within the process.
  • Provided input to the OneBMA Human Resources project.

Value For Client

  • Provide Employee accommodation, Provide Contractor Accommodation and Manage Accommodation Maintenance processes were optimised to deliver suitable accommodation on time in a sustainable and compliant manner.
  • Roles and Responsibilities were clarified between role players to deliver the service optimally.
  • Maintenance cost were reduced through economies of scale.

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