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Since 1999 we have been a trusted advisor to our customers, delivering quality education and consulting services around the ARIS Platform.

We have developed and implemented a proven and reliable approach to ARIS Administration. Leonardo Consulting has a reliable team of experts with the right skills and can provide a thorough analysis of your ARIS environment to improve to best standard.

Our ARIS Healthcheck helps you to:

  • ARISHealthCheckDiagnose any misalignments between the ARIS implementation and its strategic objectives.
  • Prescribe solutions to release the full potential of ARIS.
  • Align modelling activities to project goals
  • Evaluate the quality of the modelling architecture

Areas of Analysis

  • ARIS strategy view:we test the alignment between your ARIS environment and your project objectives
  • Capability Check:checking the capability of ARIS Administrators to manage the environment.
  • Future projects:the scalability of ARIS tool for future projects
  • ARIS server and client management: analysis on ARIS system capacity and performance
  • Backup procedures: check on data back-up procedures.
  • License management
  • Further administrative procedures
  • Setup and management of ARIS Business Publisher
  • Database Management: Review on database properties and concepts
  • Management of libraries: review library structure and object reusability
  • Process architecture and levelling concept: analysing your structure to optimise it
  • ARIS reports:review semantic check, queries, macros and customised report scripts
  • ARIS Models: check modelling quality compliance with modelling standards
  • User management Group Structure: check user access group structure
  • Model lifecycle management: review model Release Cycle Management
  • Conventions: review modelling conventions (template filter) and their usage

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